The Office Open XML (OOXML) format was introduced with Microsoft Office 2007 and is used by file types such as DOCX, PPTX and XLSX. These are essentially ZIP archives containing XML files. The table below lists some tags which have been observed in OOXML documents, but ExifTool will extract any tags found from XML files of the OOXML document properties ("docProps") directory.


1) Structural ZIP tags may be ignored (if desired) with --ZIP:all on the command line.

2) Tags may be grouped by their document number in the ZIP archive with the -g3 or -G3 option.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
AppVersion no  
Application no  
Category no  
Characters no  
CharactersWithSpaces no  
CheckedBy no  
Client no  
Company no  
CreateDate no  
DateCompleted no  
Department no  
Destination no  
Disposition no  
Division no  
DocSecurity no 0 = None
1 = Password protected
2 = Read-only recommended
4 = Read-only enforced
8 = Locked for annotations
DocumentNumber no  
Editor no  
ForwardTo no  
Group no  
HeadingPairs no  
HiddenSlides no  
HyperlinkBase no  
HyperlinksChanged no 'false' = No
'true' = Yes
Keywords no  
Language no  
LastModifiedBy no  
LastPrinted no  
Lines no  
LinksUpToDate no 'false' = No
'true' = Yes
MMClips no  
Mailstop no  
Manager no  
Matter no  
ModifyDate no  
Notes no  
Office no  
Owner no  
Pages no  
Paragraphs no  
PresentationFormat no  
Project no  
Publisher no  
Purpose no  
ReceivedFrom no  
RecordedBy no  
RecordedDate no  
Reference no  
RevisionNumber no  
ScaleCrop no 'false' = No
'true' = Yes
SharedDoc no 'false' = No
'true' = Yes
Slides no  
Source no  
Status no  
TelephoneNumber no  
Template no  
TitlesOfParts no  
TotalEditTime no  
Typist no  
Words no  

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Last revised Jun 29, 2010

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