OpenEXR Tags

Information extracted from EXR images. Use the ExtractEmbedded option to extract information from all frames of a multipart image. See for the official specification.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'_flags' Flags no Bit 9 = Tiled
Bit 10 = Long names
Bit 11 = Deep data
Bit 12 = Multipart
'_ver' EXRVersion no (low byte of Flags word)
'adoptedNeutral' AdoptedNeutral no  
'altitude' GPSAltitude no  
'aperture' Aperture no  
'capDate' DateTimeOriginal no  
'channels' Channels no  
'chromaticities' Chromaticities no  
'chunkCount' ChunkCount no  
'comments' Comments no  
'compression' Compression no
0 = None
1 = RLE
2 = ZIPS
3 = ZIP
   4 = PIZ
5 = PXR24
6 = B44
7 = B44A
'dataWindow' DataWindow no  
'displayWindow' DisplayWindow no  
'envmap' EnvironmentMap no 0 = Latitude/Longitude
1 = Cube
'exif' EXIF - --> EXIF Tags
'expTime' ExposureTime no  
'focus' FocusDistance no  
'framesPerSecond' FramesPerSecond no  
'isoSpeed' ISO no  
'keyCode' KeyCode no  
'latitude' GPSLatitude no  
'lineOrder' LineOrder no 0 = Increasing Y
1 = Decreasing Y
2 = Random Y
'longitude' GPSLongitude no  
'lookModTransform' LookModTransform no  
'multiView' MultiView no  
'name' Name no  
'owner' Owner no  
'pixelAspectRatio' PixelAspectRatio no  
'preview' Preview no  
'renderingTransform' RenderingTransform no  
'screenWindowCenter' ScreenWindowCenter no  
'screenWindowWidth' ScreenWindowWidth no  
'tiles' Tiles no  
'timeCode' TimeCode no  
'type' Type no  
'utcOffset' TimeZone no  
'version' Version no  
'whiteLuminance' WhiteLuminance no  
'worldToCamera' WorldToCamera no  
'worldToNDC' WorldToNDC no  
'wrapmodes' WrapModes no  
'xDensity' XResolution no  
'xmp' XMP - --> XMP Tags

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Last revised Mar 27, 2024

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