The PICT format contains no true meta information, except for the possible exception of the LongComment opcode. By default, only ImageWidth, ImageHeight and X/YResolution are extracted from a PICT image. Tags in the following table represent image opcodes. Extraction of these tags is experimental, and is only enabled with the Verbose or Unknown options.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0x0000 Nop no  
0x0001 ClipRgn no  
0x0002 BkPat no  
0x0003 TxFont no  
0x0004 TxFace no  
0x0005 TxMode no  
0x0006 SpExtra no  
0x0007 PnSize no  
0x0008 PnMode no  
0x0009 PnPat no  
0x000a FillPat no  
0x000b OvSize no  
0x000c Origin no  
0x000d TxSize no  
0x000e FgColor no  
0x000f BkColor no  
0x0010 TxRatio no  
0x0011 VersionOp no  
0x0012 BkPixPat no  
0x0013 PnPixPat no  
0x0014 FillPixPat no  
0x0015 PnLocHFrac no  
0x0016 ChExtra no  
0x0017 Reserved no  
0x001a RGBFgCol no  
0x001b RGBBkCol no  
0x001c HiliteMode no  
0x001d HiliteColor no  
0x001e DefHilite no  
0x001f OpColor no  
0x0020 Line no  
0x0021 LineFrom no  
0x0022 ShortLine no  
0x0023 ShortLineFrom no  
0x0024 Reserved no  
0x0028 LongText no  
0x0029 DHText no  
0x002a DVText no  
0x002b DHDVText no  
0x002c FontName no  
0x002d LineJustify no  
0x002e GlyphState no  
0x002f Reserved no  
0x0030 FrameRect no  
0x0031 PaintRect no  
0x0032 EraseRect no  
0x0033 InvertRect no  
0x0034 FillRect no  
0x0035 Reserved no  
0x0038 FrameSameRect no  
0x0039 PaintSameRect no  
0x003a EraseSameRect no  
0x003b InvertSameRect no  
0x003c FillSameRect no  
0x003d Reserved no  
0x0040 FrameRRect no  
0x0041 PaintRRect no  
0x0042 EraseRRect no  
0x0043 InvertRRect no  
0x0044 FillRRect no  
0x0045 Reserved no  
0x0048 FrameSameRRect no  
0x0049 PaintSameRRect no  
0x004a EraseSameRRect no  
0x004b InvertSameRRect no  
0x004c FillSameRRect no  
0x004d Reserved no  
0x0050 FrameOval no  
0x0051 PaintOval no  
0x0052 EraseOval no  
0x0053 InvertOval no  
0x0054 FillOval no  
0x0055 Reserved no  
0x0058 FrameSameOval no  
0x0059 PaintSameOval no  
0x005a EraseSameOval no  
0x005b InvertSameOval no  
0x005c FillSameOval no  
0x005d Reserved no  
0x0060 FrameArc no  
0x0061 PaintArc no  
0x0062 EraseArc no  
0x0063 InvertArc no  
0x0064 FillArc no  
0x0065 Reserved no  
0x0068 FrameSameArc no  
0x0069 PaintSameArc no  
0x006a EraseSameArc no  
0x006b InvertSameArc no  
0x006c FillSameArc no  
0x006d Reserved no  
0x0070 FramePoly no  
0x0071 PaintPoly no  
0x0072 ErasePoly no  
0x0073 InvertPoly no  
0x0074 FillPoly no  
0x0075 Reserved no  
0x0078 FrameSamePoly no  
0x0079 PaintSamePoly no  
0x007a EraseSamePoly no  
0x007b InvertSamePoly no  
0x007c FillSamePoly no  
0x007d Reserved no  
0x0080 FrameRgn no  
0x0081 PaintRgn no  
0x0082 EraseRgn no  
0x0083 InvertRgn no  
0x0084 FillRgn no  
0x0085 Reserved no  
0x0088 FrameSameRgn no  
0x0089 PaintSameRgn no  
0x008a EraseSameRgn no  
0x008b InvertSameRgn no  
0x008c FillSameRgn no  
0x008d Reserved no  
0x0090 BitsRect no  
0x0091 BitsRgn no  
0x0092 Reserved no  
0x0098 PackBitsRect no  
0x0099 PackBitsRgn no  
0x009a DirectBitsRect no  
0x009b DirectBitsRgn no  
0x009c Reserved no  
0x009d Reserved no  
0x009e Reserved no  
0x009f Reserved no  
0x00a0 ShortComment no  
0x00a1 LongComment - --> Photoshop Tags
--> ICC_Profile Tags
0x00a2 Reserved no  
0x00b0 Reserved no  
0x00d0 Reserved no  
0x00ff OpEndPic no  
0x0100 Reserved no  
0x0200 Reserved no  
0x02ff Version no  
0x0300 Reserved no  
0x0bff Reserved no  
0x0c00 HeaderOp no  
0x0c01 Reserved no  
0x7f00 Reserved no  
0x8000 Reserved no  
0x8100 Reserved no  
0x8200 CompressedQuickTime no  
0x8201 UncompressedQuickTime no  
0xffff Reserved no  

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Last revised Oct 13, 2006

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