Qualcomm Tags

The tags below have been observed in the JPEG APP7 "Qualcomm Camera Attributes" segment written by some cameras such as the HP iPAQ Voice Messenger. ExifTool will extract any information found from this segment, even if it is not listed in this table.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
AECAggressiveness no  
AECCurrentExpIndex no  
AECCurrentSensorLuma no  
AECEnable no  
AECExposureIndexAdjStep no  
AECHighLumaRegionCount no  
AECHighLumaRegionThreshold no  
AECIndoorIdx no  
AECLumaTarget no  
AECLumaTolerance no  
AECMode no  
AECOdoorIdx no  
AECOutdoorBrightDiscarded no  
AECOutdoorBrightEnable no  
AECOutdoorBrightReduction no  
AECOutdoorBrightThresholdHI no  
AECOutdoorBrightThresholdLO no  
AECOutdoorGammaIndex no  
AECSnapshotDigitalGain no  
AECSnapshotExposureTimeMs no  
AECSnapshotLineCount no  
AECSnapshotSensorGain no  
AECVfeLuma no  
AFBoundary no  
AFCollectEndStat no  
AFEnable no  
AFFarEnd no  
AFFineSrchPoints no  
AFFineStep no  
AFFocusTime no  
AFGrossStep no  
AFMode no  
AFNearEnd no  
AFPosDefMacro no  
AFPosDefNorm no  
AFPosition no  
AFProcess no  
AFREnable no  
AFRFaster0ExpMod no  
AFRFaster0Trigger no  
AFRFaster1ExpMod no  
AFRFaster1Trigger no  
AFRFaster2ExpMod no  
AFRFaster2Trigger no  
AFRFaster3ExpMod no  
AFRFaster3Trigger no  
AFRFaster4ExpMod no  
AFRFaster4Trigger no  
AFRPossibleFrameCnt no  
AFRSlower0ExpMod no  
AFRSlower0Trigger no  
AFRSlower1ExpMod no  
AFRSlower1Trigger no  
AFRSlower2ExpMod no  
AFRSlower2Trigger no  
AFRSlower3ExpMod no  
AFRSlower3Trigger no  
AFRSlower4ExpMod no  
AFRSlower4Trigger no  
AFResetLensAfterSnap no  
AFStepsNearFar no  
AFStepsNearInfinity no  
AFTestMode no  
AFTracePositions00 no  
AFTracePositions01 no  
AFTracePositions02 no  
AFTracePositions03 no  
AFTracePositions04 no  
AFTracePositions05 no  
AFTracePositions06 no  
AFTracePositions07 no  
AFTracePositions08 no  
AFTracePositions09 no  
AFTracePositions10 no  
AFTracePositions11 no  
AFTracePositions12 no  
AFTracePositions13 no  
AFTracePositions14 no  
AFTracePositions15 no  
AFTracePositions16 no  
AFTracePositions17 no  
AFTracePositions18 no  
AFTracePositions19 no  
AFTracePositions20 no  
AFTracePositions21 no  
AFTracePositions22 no  
AFTracePositions23 no  
AFTracePositions24 no  
AFTracePositions25 no  
AFTracePositions26 no  
AFTracePositions27 no  
AFTracePositions28 no  
AFTracePositions29 no  
AFTracePositions30 no  
AFTracePositions31 no  
AFTracePositions32 no  
AFTracePositions33 no  
AFTracePositions34 no  
AFTracePositions35 no  
AFTracePositions36 no  
AFTracePositions37 no  
AFTracePositions38 no  
AFTracePositions39 no  
AFTracePositions40 no  
AFTracePositions41 no  
AFTracePositions42 no  
AFTracePositions43 no  
AFTracePositions44 no  
AFTracePositions45 no  
AFTracePositions46 no  
AFTracePositions47 no  
AFTracePositions48 no  
AFTracePositions49 no  
AFTraceStats00 no  
AFTraceStats01 no  
AFTraceStats02 no  
AFTraceStats03 no  
AFTraceStats04 no  
AFTraceStats05 no  
AFTraceStats06 no  
AFTraceStats07 no  
AFTraceStats08 no  
AFTraceStats09 no  
AFTraceStats10 no  
AFTraceStats11 no  
AFTraceStats12 no  
AFTraceStats13 no  
AFTraceStats14 no  
AFTraceStats15 no  
AFTraceStats16 no  
AFTraceStats17 no  
AFTraceStats18 no  
AFTraceStats19 no  
AFTraceStats20 no  
AFTraceStats21 no  
AFTraceStats22 no  
AFTraceStats23 no  
AFTraceStats24 no  
AFTraceStats25 no  
AFTraceStats26 no  
AFTraceStats27 no  
AFTraceStats28 no  
AFTraceStats29 no  
AFTraceStats30 no  
AFTraceStats31 no  
AFTraceStats32 no  
AFTraceStats33 no  
AFTraceStats34 no  
AFTraceStats35 no  
AFTraceStats36 no  
AFTraceStats37 no  
AFTraceStats38 no  
AFTraceStats39 no  
AFTraceStats40 no  
AFTraceStats41 no  
AFTraceStats42 no  
AFTraceStats43 no  
AFTraceStats44 no  
AFTraceStats45 no  
AFTraceStats46 no  
AFTraceStats47 no  
AFTraceStats48 no  
AFTraceStats49 no  
AFUndershootProtect no  
AFVfeHorzOffset no  
AFVfeHorzWidth no  
AFVfeMetricMax no  
AFVfeVertHeight no  
AFVfeVertOffset no  
ASF3EdgeDetect no  
ASF3EdgeFilterA11 no  
ASF3EdgeFilterA12 no  
ASF3EdgeFilterA13 no  
ASF3EdgeFilterA21 no  
ASF3EdgeFilterA22 no  
ASF3EdgeFilterA23 no  
ASF3EdgeFilterA31 no  
ASF3EdgeFilterA32 no  
ASF3EdgeFilterA33 no  
ASF3Enable no  
ASF3LowerThreshold no  
ASF3NoiseFilterA11 no  
ASF3NoiseFilterA12 no  
ASF3NoiseFilterA13 no  
ASF3NoiseFilterA21 no  
ASF3NoiseFilterA22 no  
ASF3NoiseFilterA23 no  
ASF3NoiseFilterA31 no  
ASF3NoiseFilterA32 no  
ASF3NoiseFilterA33 no  
ASF3UpperThreshold no  
ASF5BrtLoThres no  
ASF5BrtShrpDegF1 no  
ASF5BrtShrpDegF2 no  
ASF5BrtSmthPercent no  
ASF5BrtUpThres no  
ASF5Enable no  
ASF5ExposureIndex1 no  
ASF5ExposureIndex2 no  
ASF5Filter1A11 no  
ASF5Filter1A12 no  
ASF5Filter1A13 no  
ASF5Filter1A14 no  
ASF5Filter1A15 no  
ASF5Filter1A21 no  
ASF5Filter1A22 no  
ASF5Filter1A23 no  
ASF5Filter1A24 no  
ASF5Filter1A25 no  
ASF5Filter1A31 no  
ASF5Filter1A32 no  
ASF5Filter1A33 no  
ASF5Filter1A34 no  
ASF5Filter1A35 no  
ASF5Filter1A41 no  
ASF5Filter1A42 no  
ASF5Filter1A43 no  
ASF5Filter1A44 no  
ASF5Filter1A45 no  
ASF5Filter1A51 no  
ASF5Filter1A52 no  
ASF5Filter1A53 no  
ASF5Filter1A54 no  
ASF5Filter1A55 no  
ASF5Filter2A11 no  
ASF5Filter2A12 no  
ASF5Filter2A13 no  
ASF5Filter2A14 no  
ASF5Filter2A15 no  
ASF5Filter2A21 no  
ASF5Filter2A22 no  
ASF5Filter2A23 no  
ASF5Filter2A24 no  
ASF5Filter2A25 no  
ASF5Filter2A31 no  
ASF5Filter2A32 no  
ASF5Filter2A33 no  
ASF5Filter2A34 no  
ASF5Filter2A35 no  
ASF5Filter2A41 no  
ASF5Filter2A42 no  
ASF5Filter2A43 no  
ASF5Filter2A44 no  
ASF5Filter2A45 no  
ASF5Filter2A51 no  
ASF5Filter2A52 no  
ASF5Filter2A53 no  
ASF5Filter2A54 no  
ASF5Filter2A55 no  
ASF5FilterMode no  
ASF5LowLoThres no  
ASF5LowShrpDegF1 no  
ASF5LowShrpDegF2 no  
ASF5LowSmthPrcnt no  
ASF5LowUpThres no  
ASF5LumaFilter00 no  
ASF5LumaFilter01 no  
ASF5LumaFilter02 no  
ASF5LumaFilter03 no  
ASF5LumaFilter04 no  
ASF5LumaFilter05 no  
ASF5LumaFilter06 no  
ASF5LumaFilter07 no  
ASF5LumaFilter08 no  
ASF5MaxExposureIndex no  
ASF5NrmLoThres no  
ASF5NrmShrpDegF1 no  
ASF5NrmShrpDegF2 no  
ASF5NrmSmthPrcnt no  
ASF5NrmUpThres no  
ASF5NrmizeFactor1 no  
ASF5NrmizeFactor2 no  
AWBAggressiveness no  
AWBAgwGridDist2Thresh no  
AWBAlgorithm no  
AWBAveBgRatio no  
AWBAveRgRatio no  
AWBBlueGainAdjRef1 no  
AWBBlueGainAdjRef2 no  
AWBBlueGainAdjRef3 no  
AWBBlueGainAdjRef4 no  
AWBBlueGainAdjRef5 no  
AWBBlueGainAdjRef6 no  
AWBBlueGainAdjRef7 no  
AWBBlueGainAdjRef8 no  
AWBBlueGainRef1 no  
AWBBlueGainRef2 no  
AWBBlueGainRef3 no  
AWBBlueGainRef4 no  
AWBBlueGainRef5 no  
AWBBlueGainRef6 no  
AWBBlueGainRef7 no  
AWBBlueGainRef8 no  
AWBCcBias no  
AWBCompactClusterR2 no  
AWBEnable no  
AWBGreenOffsetBg no  
AWBGreenOffsetRg no  
AWBIndoorSampleInfluence no  
AWBLoVfeC1 no  
AWBLoVfeC2 no  
AWBLoVfeC3 no  
AWBLoVfeC4 no  
AWBLoVfeM1 no  
AWBLoVfeM2 no  
AWBLoVfeM3 no  
AWBLoVfeM4 no  
AWBLoVfeMaxY no  
AWBLoVfeMinY no  
AWBLowLigColCorEna no  
AWBMaxBGain no  
AWBMaxGGain no  
AWBMaxRGain no  
AWBMinBGain no  
AWBMinGGain no  
AWBMinRGain no  
AWBNormVfeC1 no  
AWBNormVfeC2 no  
AWBNormVfeC3 no  
AWBNormVfeC4 no  
AWBNormVfeM1 no  
AWBNormVfeM2 no  
AWBNormVfeM3 no  
AWBNormVfeM4 no  
AWBNormVfeMaxY no  
AWBNormVfeMinY no  
AWBOudorVfeC1 no  
AWBOudorVfeC2 no  
AWBOudorVfeC3 no  
AWBOudorVfeC4 no  
AWBOudorVfeM1 no  
AWBOudorVfeM2 no  
AWBOudorVfeM3 no  
AWBOudorVfeM4 no  
AWBOudorVfeMaxY no  
AWBOudorVfeMinY no  
AWBOutdoorSampleInfluence no  
AWBPrevWbBgain no  
AWBPrevWbGgain no  
AWBPrevWbRgain no  
AWBRedGainAdjRef1 no  
AWBRedGainAdjRef2 no  
AWBRedGainAdjRef3 no  
AWBRedGainAdjRef4 no  
AWBRedGainAdjRef5 no  
AWBRedGainAdjRef6 no  
AWBRedGainAdjRef7 no  
AWBRedGainAdjRef8 no  
AWBRedGainRef1 no  
AWBRedGainRef2 no  
AWBRedGainRef3 no  
AWBRedGainRef4 no  
AWBRedGainRef5 no  
AWBRedGainRef6 no  
AWBRedGainRef7 no  
AWBRedGainRef8 no  
AWBSampleDecision no  
AWBSnapshotBGain no  
AWBSnapshotRGain no  
AntiBadingPixelClk no  
AntiBadingPixelClkPerLine no  
AntibandingEnable no  
BlckLvlEvenCols no  
BlckLvlOddCols no  
CamMclkHz no  
ChroSupChroThres1 no  
ChroSupChroThres2 no  
ChroSupLumaThres1 no  
ChroSupLumaThres2 no  
ChroSupLumaThres3 no  
ChroSupLumaThres4 no  
ChromSupress no  
ClipToAfRato no  
CurrResol no  
DayltConvChrmA_M no  
DayltConvChrmA_P no  
DayltConvChrmB_M no  
DayltConvChrmB_P no  
DayltConvChrmC_M no  
DayltConvChrmC_P no  
DayltConvChrmD_M no  
DayltConvChrmD_P no  
DayltConvChrmKCb no  
DayltConvChrmKCr no  
DayltConvLumaK no  
DayltConvLumaV0 no  
DayltConvLumaV1 no  
DayltConvLumaV2 no  
DefConvChrmA_M no  
DefConvChrmA_P no  
DefConvChrmB_M no  
DefConvChrmB_P no  
DefConvChrmC_M no  
DefConvChrmC_P no  
DefConvChrmD_M no  
DefConvChrmD_P no  
DefConvChrmKCb no  
DefConvChrmKCr no  
DefConvLumaK no  
DefConvLumaV0 no  
DefConvLumaV1 no  
DefConvLumaV2 no  
DefCorC0 no  
DefCorC1 no  
DefCorC2 no  
DefCorC3 no  
DefCorC4 no  
DefCorC5 no  
DefCorC6 no  
DefCorC7 no  
DefCorC8 no  
DefCorK0 no  
DefCorK1 no  
DefCorK2 no  
DefLumaGammaMode no  
DefRgbGammaMode no  
DefectPixCorEnable no  
DefectPixMaxThresh no  
DefectPixMinThresh no  
DiscardFrstFrm no  
FrmSkipPttrn no  
GammaEnable no  
HJREnable no  
HJRMaxNumFrames no  
HJROneToTwoOffset no  
HJRTextureThreshold no  
HJR_NReductionFlat no  
HJR_NReductionTexture no  
IncandConvChrmA_M no  
IncandConvChrmA_P no  
IncandConvChrmB_M no  
IncandConvChrmB_P no  
IncandConvChrmC_M no  
IncandConvChrmC_P no  
IncandConvChrmD_M no  
IncandConvChrmD_P no  
IncandConvChrmKCb no  
IncandConvChrmKCr no  
IncandConvLumaK no  
IncandConvLumaV0 no  
IncandConvLumaV1 no  
IncandConvLumaV2 no  
LADetect no  
LAEnable no  
MaxPrviewFps no  
MaxVideoFps no  
NghtshtFps no  
NightshotMode no  
OutlierDistance no  
PclkInvert no  
PrviewFps no  
PrviewResol no  
R2ABlueCtbl00 no  
R2ABlueCtbl01 no  
R2ABlueCtbl02 no  
R2ABlueCtbl03 no  
R2ABlueCtbl04 no  
R2ABlueCtbl05 no  
R2ABlueCtbl06 no  
R2ABlueCtbl07 no  
R2ABlueCtbl08 no  
R2ABlueCtbl09 no  
R2ABlueCtbl10 no  
R2ABlueCtbl11 no  
R2ABlueCtbl12 no  
R2ABlueCtbl13 no  
R2ABlueCtbl14 no  
R2ABlueCtbl15 no  
R2ABlueCtbl16 no  
R2ABlueCtbl17 no  
R2ABlueCtbl18 no  
R2ABlueCtbl19 no  
R2ABlueCtbl20 no  
R2ABlueCtbl21 no  
R2ABlueCtbl22 no  
R2ABlueCtbl23 no  
R2ABlueCtbl24 no  
R2ABlueCtbl25 no  
R2ABlueCtbl26 no  
R2ABlueCtbl27 no  
R2ABlueCtbl28 no  
R2ABlueCtbl29 no  
R2ABlueCtbl30 no  
R2ABlueCtbl31 no  
R2ABlueStbl00 no  
R2ABlueStbl01 no  
R2ABlueStbl02 no  
R2ABlueStbl03 no  
R2ABlueStbl04 no  
R2ABlueStbl05 no  
R2ABlueStbl06 no  
R2ABlueStbl07 no  
R2ABlueStbl08 no  
R2ABlueStbl09 no  
R2ABlueStbl10 no  
R2ABlueStbl11 no  
R2ABlueStbl12 no  
R2ABlueStbl13 no  
R2ABlueStbl14 no  
R2ABlueStbl15 no  
R2ABlueStbl16 no  
R2ABlueStbl17 no  
R2ABlueStbl18 no  
R2ABlueStbl19 no  
R2ABlueStbl20 no  
R2ABlueStbl21 no  
R2ABlueStbl22 no  
R2ABlueStbl23 no  
R2ABlueStbl24 no  
R2ABlueStbl25 no  
R2ABlueStbl26 no  
R2ABlueStbl27 no  
R2ABlueStbl28 no  
R2ABlueStbl29 no  
R2ABlueStbl30 no  
R2ABlueStbl31 no  
R2ACx no  
R2ACy no  
R2AGreenCtbl00 no  
R2AGreenCtbl01 no  
R2AGreenCtbl02 no  
R2AGreenCtbl03 no  
R2AGreenCtbl04 no  
R2AGreenCtbl05 no  
R2AGreenCtbl06 no  
R2AGreenCtbl07 no  
R2AGreenCtbl08 no  
R2AGreenCtbl09 no  
R2AGreenCtbl10 no  
R2AGreenCtbl11 no  
R2AGreenCtbl12 no  
R2AGreenCtbl13 no  
R2AGreenCtbl14 no  
R2AGreenCtbl15 no  
R2AGreenCtbl16 no  
R2AGreenCtbl17 no  
R2AGreenCtbl18 no  
R2AGreenCtbl19 no  
R2AGreenCtbl20 no  
R2AGreenCtbl21 no  
R2AGreenCtbl22 no  
R2AGreenCtbl23 no  
R2AGreenCtbl24 no  
R2AGreenCtbl25 no  
R2AGreenCtbl26 no  
R2AGreenCtbl27 no  
R2AGreenCtbl28 no  
R2AGreenCtbl29 no  
R2AGreenCtbl30 no  
R2AGreenCtbl31 no  
R2AGreenStbl00 no  
R2AGreenStbl01 no  
R2AGreenStbl02 no  
R2AGreenStbl03 no  
R2AGreenStbl04 no  
R2AGreenStbl05 no  
R2AGreenStbl06 no  
R2AGreenStbl07 no  
R2AGreenStbl08 no  
R2AGreenStbl09 no  
R2AGreenStbl10 no  
R2AGreenStbl11 no  
R2AGreenStbl12 no  
R2AGreenStbl13 no  
R2AGreenStbl14 no  
R2AGreenStbl15 no  
R2AGreenStbl16 no  
R2AGreenStbl17 no  
R2AGreenStbl18 no  
R2AGreenStbl19 no  
R2AGreenStbl20 no  
R2AGreenStbl21 no  
R2AGreenStbl22 no  
R2AGreenStbl23 no  
R2AGreenStbl24 no  
R2AGreenStbl25 no  
R2AGreenStbl26 no  
R2AGreenStbl27 no  
R2AGreenStbl28 no  
R2AGreenStbl29 no  
R2AGreenStbl30 no  
R2AGreenStbl31 no  
R2AHeight no  
R2AIntervals no  
R2ARedCtbl00 no  
R2ARedCtbl01 no  
R2ARedCtbl02 no  
R2ARedCtbl03 no  
R2ARedCtbl04 no  
R2ARedCtbl05 no  
R2ARedCtbl06 no  
R2ARedCtbl07 no  
R2ARedCtbl08 no  
R2ARedCtbl09 no  
R2ARedCtbl10 no  
R2ARedCtbl11 no  
R2ARedCtbl12 no  
R2ARedCtbl13 no  
R2ARedCtbl14 no  
R2ARedCtbl15 no  
R2ARedCtbl16 no  
R2ARedCtbl17 no  
R2ARedCtbl18 no  
R2ARedCtbl19 no  
R2ARedCtbl20 no  
R2ARedCtbl21 no  
R2ARedCtbl22 no  
R2ARedCtbl23 no  
R2ARedCtbl24 no  
R2ARedCtbl25 no  
R2ARedCtbl26 no  
R2ARedCtbl27 no  
R2ARedCtbl28 no  
R2ARedCtbl29 no  
R2ARedCtbl30 no  
R2ARedCtbl31 no  
R2ARedStbl00 no  
R2ARedStbl01 no  
R2ARedStbl02 no  
R2ARedStbl03 no  
R2ARedStbl04 no  
R2ARedStbl05 no  
R2ARedStbl06 no  
R2ARedStbl07 no  
R2ARedStbl08 no  
R2ARedStbl09 no  
R2ARedStbl10 no  
R2ARedStbl11 no  
R2ARedStbl12 no  
R2ARedStbl13 no  
R2ARedStbl14 no  
R2ARedStbl15 no  
R2ARedStbl16 no  
R2ARedStbl17 no  
R2ARedStbl18 no  
R2ARedStbl19 no  
R2ARedStbl20 no  
R2ARedStbl21 no  
R2ARedStbl22 no  
R2ARedStbl23 no  
R2ARedStbl24 no  
R2ARedStbl25 no  
R2ARedStbl26 no  
R2ARedStbl27 no  
R2ARedStbl28 no  
R2ARedStbl29 no  
R2ARedStbl30 no  
R2ARedStbl31 no  
R2ATbl00 no  
R2ATbl01 no  
R2ATbl02 no  
R2ATbl03 no  
R2ATbl04 no  
R2ATbl05 no  
R2ATbl06 no  
R2ATbl07 no  
R2ATbl08 no  
R2ATbl09 no  
R2ATbl10 no  
R2ATbl11 no  
R2ATbl12 no  
R2ATbl13 no  
R2ATbl14 no  
R2ATbl15 no  
R2ATbl16 no  
R2ATbl17 no  
R2ATbl18 no  
R2ATbl19 no  
R2ATbl20 no  
R2ATbl21 no  
R2ATbl22 no  
R2ATbl23 no  
R2ATbl24 no  
R2ATbl25 no  
R2ATbl26 no  
R2ATbl27 no  
R2ATbl28 no  
R2ATbl29 no  
R2ATbl30 no  
R2ATbl31 no  
R2AWidth no  
R2D65BlueCtbl00 no  
R2D65BlueCtbl01 no  
R2D65BlueCtbl02 no  
R2D65BlueCtbl03 no  
R2D65BlueCtbl04 no  
R2D65BlueCtbl05 no  
R2D65BlueCtbl06 no  
R2D65BlueCtbl07 no  
R2D65BlueCtbl08 no  
R2D65BlueCtbl09 no  
R2D65BlueCtbl10 no  
R2D65BlueCtbl11 no  
R2D65BlueCtbl12 no  
R2D65BlueCtbl13 no  
R2D65BlueCtbl14 no  
R2D65BlueCtbl15 no  
R2D65BlueCtbl16 no  
R2D65BlueCtbl17 no  
R2D65BlueCtbl18 no  
R2D65BlueCtbl19 no  
R2D65BlueCtbl20 no  
R2D65BlueCtbl21 no  
R2D65BlueCtbl22 no  
R2D65BlueCtbl23 no  
R2D65BlueCtbl24 no  
R2D65BlueCtbl25 no  
R2D65BlueCtbl26 no  
R2D65BlueCtbl27 no  
R2D65BlueCtbl28 no  
R2D65BlueCtbl29 no  
R2D65BlueCtbl30 no  
R2D65BlueCtbl31 no  
R2D65BlueStbl00 no  
R2D65BlueStbl01 no  
R2D65BlueStbl02 no  
R2D65BlueStbl03 no  
R2D65BlueStbl04 no  
R2D65BlueStbl05 no  
R2D65BlueStbl06 no  
R2D65BlueStbl07 no  
R2D65BlueStbl08 no  
R2D65BlueStbl09 no  
R2D65BlueStbl10 no  
R2D65BlueStbl11 no  
R2D65BlueStbl12 no  
R2D65BlueStbl13 no  
R2D65BlueStbl14 no  
R2D65BlueStbl15 no  
R2D65BlueStbl16 no  
R2D65BlueStbl17 no  
R2D65BlueStbl18 no  
R2D65BlueStbl19 no  
R2D65BlueStbl20 no  
R2D65BlueStbl21 no  
R2D65BlueStbl22 no  
R2D65BlueStbl23 no  
R2D65BlueStbl24 no  
R2D65BlueStbl25 no  
R2D65BlueStbl26 no  
R2D65BlueStbl27 no  
R2D65BlueStbl28 no  
R2D65BlueStbl29 no  
R2D65BlueStbl30 no  
R2D65BlueStbl31 no  
R2D65Cx no  
R2D65Cy no  
R2D65GreenCtbl00 no  
R2D65GreenCtbl01 no  
R2D65GreenCtbl02 no  
R2D65GreenCtbl03 no  
R2D65GreenCtbl04 no  
R2D65GreenCtbl05 no  
R2D65GreenCtbl06 no  
R2D65GreenCtbl07 no  
R2D65GreenCtbl08 no  
R2D65GreenCtbl09 no  
R2D65GreenCtbl10 no  
R2D65GreenCtbl11 no  
R2D65GreenCtbl12 no  
R2D65GreenCtbl13 no  
R2D65GreenCtbl14 no  
R2D65GreenCtbl15 no  
R2D65GreenCtbl16 no  
R2D65GreenCtbl17 no  
R2D65GreenCtbl18 no  
R2D65GreenCtbl19 no  
R2D65GreenCtbl20 no  
R2D65GreenCtbl21 no  
R2D65GreenCtbl22 no  
R2D65GreenCtbl23 no  
R2D65GreenCtbl24 no  
R2D65GreenCtbl25 no  
R2D65GreenCtbl26 no  
R2D65GreenCtbl27 no  
R2D65GreenCtbl28 no  
R2D65GreenCtbl29 no  
R2D65GreenCtbl30 no  
R2D65GreenCtbl31 no  
R2D65GreenStbl00 no  
R2D65GreenStbl01 no  
R2D65GreenStbl02 no  
R2D65GreenStbl03 no  
R2D65GreenStbl04 no  
R2D65GreenStbl05 no  
R2D65GreenStbl06 no  
R2D65GreenStbl07 no  
R2D65GreenStbl08 no  
R2D65GreenStbl09 no  
R2D65GreenStbl10 no  
R2D65GreenStbl11 no  
R2D65GreenStbl12 no  
R2D65GreenStbl13 no  
R2D65GreenStbl14 no  
R2D65GreenStbl15 no  
R2D65GreenStbl16 no  
R2D65GreenStbl17 no  
R2D65GreenStbl18 no  
R2D65GreenStbl19 no  
R2D65GreenStbl20 no  
R2D65GreenStbl21 no  
R2D65GreenStbl22 no  
R2D65GreenStbl23 no  
R2D65GreenStbl24 no  
R2D65GreenStbl25 no  
R2D65GreenStbl26 no  
R2D65GreenStbl27 no  
R2D65GreenStbl28 no  
R2D65GreenStbl29 no  
R2D65GreenStbl30 no  
R2D65GreenStbl31 no  
R2D65Height no  
R2D65Intervals no  
R2D65RedCtbl00 no  
R2D65RedCtbl01 no  
R2D65RedCtbl02 no  
R2D65RedCtbl03 no  
R2D65RedCtbl04 no  
R2D65RedCtbl05 no  
R2D65RedCtbl06 no  
R2D65RedCtbl07 no  
R2D65RedCtbl08 no  
R2D65RedCtbl09 no  
R2D65RedCtbl10 no  
R2D65RedCtbl11 no  
R2D65RedCtbl12 no  
R2D65RedCtbl13 no  
R2D65RedCtbl14 no  
R2D65RedCtbl15 no  
R2D65RedCtbl16 no  
R2D65RedCtbl17 no  
R2D65RedCtbl18 no  
R2D65RedCtbl19 no  
R2D65RedCtbl20 no  
R2D65RedCtbl21 no  
R2D65RedCtbl22 no  
R2D65RedCtbl23 no  
R2D65RedCtbl24 no  
R2D65RedCtbl25 no  
R2D65RedCtbl26 no  
R2D65RedCtbl27 no  
R2D65RedCtbl28 no  
R2D65RedCtbl29 no  
R2D65RedCtbl30 no  
R2D65RedCtbl31 no  
R2D65RedStbl00 no  
R2D65RedStbl01 no  
R2D65RedStbl02 no  
R2D65RedStbl03 no  
R2D65RedStbl04 no  
R2D65RedStbl05 no  
R2D65RedStbl06 no  
R2D65RedStbl07 no  
R2D65RedStbl08 no  
R2D65RedStbl09 no  
R2D65RedStbl10 no  
R2D65RedStbl11 no  
R2D65RedStbl12 no  
R2D65RedStbl13 no  
R2D65RedStbl14 no  
R2D65RedStbl15 no  
R2D65RedStbl16 no  
R2D65RedStbl17 no  
R2D65RedStbl18 no  
R2D65RedStbl19 no  
R2D65RedStbl20 no  
R2D65RedStbl21 no  
R2D65RedStbl22 no  
R2D65RedStbl23 no  
R2D65RedStbl24 no  
R2D65RedStbl25 no  
R2D65RedStbl26 no  
R2D65RedStbl27 no  
R2D65RedStbl28 no  
R2D65RedStbl29 no  
R2D65RedStbl30 no  
R2D65RedStbl31 no  
R2D65Tbl00 no  
R2D65Tbl01 no  
R2D65Tbl02 no  
R2D65Tbl03 no  
R2D65Tbl04 no  
R2D65Tbl05 no  
R2D65Tbl06 no  
R2D65Tbl07 no  
R2D65Tbl08 no  
R2D65Tbl09 no  
R2D65Tbl10 no  
R2D65Tbl11 no  
R2D65Tbl12 no  
R2D65Tbl13 no  
R2D65Tbl14 no  
R2D65Tbl15 no  
R2D65Tbl16 no  
R2D65Tbl17 no  
R2D65Tbl18 no  
R2D65Tbl19 no  
R2D65Tbl20 no  
R2D65Tbl21 no  
R2D65Tbl22 no  
R2D65Tbl23 no  
R2D65Tbl24 no  
R2D65Tbl25 no  
R2D65Tbl26 no  
R2D65Tbl27 no  
R2D65Tbl28 no  
R2D65Tbl29 no  
R2D65Tbl30 no  
R2D65Tbl31 no  
R2D65Width no  
R2TL84BlueCtbl00 no  
R2TL84BlueCtbl01 no  
R2TL84BlueCtbl02 no  
R2TL84BlueCtbl03 no  
R2TL84BlueCtbl04 no  
R2TL84BlueCtbl05 no  
R2TL84BlueCtbl06 no  
R2TL84BlueCtbl07 no  
R2TL84BlueCtbl08 no  
R2TL84BlueCtbl09 no  
R2TL84BlueCtbl10 no  
R2TL84BlueCtbl11 no  
R2TL84BlueCtbl12 no  
R2TL84BlueCtbl13 no  
R2TL84BlueCtbl14 no  
R2TL84BlueCtbl15 no  
R2TL84BlueCtbl16 no  
R2TL84BlueCtbl17 no  
R2TL84BlueCtbl18 no  
R2TL84BlueCtbl19 no  
R2TL84BlueCtbl20 no  
R2TL84BlueCtbl21 no  
R2TL84BlueCtbl22 no  
R2TL84BlueCtbl23 no  
R2TL84BlueCtbl24 no  
R2TL84BlueCtbl25 no  
R2TL84BlueCtbl26 no  
R2TL84BlueCtbl27 no  
R2TL84BlueCtbl28 no  
R2TL84BlueCtbl29 no  
R2TL84BlueCtbl30 no  
R2TL84BlueCtbl31 no  
R2TL84BlueStbl00 no  
R2TL84BlueStbl01 no  
R2TL84BlueStbl02 no  
R2TL84BlueStbl03 no  
R2TL84BlueStbl04 no  
R2TL84BlueStbl05 no  
R2TL84BlueStbl06 no  
R2TL84BlueStbl07 no  
R2TL84BlueStbl08 no  
R2TL84BlueStbl09 no  
R2TL84BlueStbl10 no  
R2TL84BlueStbl11 no  
R2TL84BlueStbl12 no  
R2TL84BlueStbl13 no  
R2TL84BlueStbl14 no  
R2TL84BlueStbl15 no  
R2TL84BlueStbl16 no  
R2TL84BlueStbl17 no  
R2TL84BlueStbl18 no  
R2TL84BlueStbl19 no  
R2TL84BlueStbl20 no  
R2TL84BlueStbl21 no  
R2TL84BlueStbl22 no  
R2TL84BlueStbl23 no  
R2TL84BlueStbl24 no  
R2TL84BlueStbl25 no  
R2TL84BlueStbl26 no  
R2TL84BlueStbl27 no  
R2TL84BlueStbl28 no  
R2TL84BlueStbl29 no  
R2TL84BlueStbl30 no  
R2TL84BlueStbl31 no  
R2TL84Cx no  
R2TL84Cy no  
R2TL84GreenCtbl00 no  
R2TL84GreenCtbl01 no  
R2TL84GreenCtbl02 no  
R2TL84GreenCtbl03 no  
R2TL84GreenCtbl04 no  
R2TL84GreenCtbl05 no  
R2TL84GreenCtbl06 no  
R2TL84GreenCtbl07 no  
R2TL84GreenCtbl08 no  
R2TL84GreenCtbl09 no  
R2TL84GreenCtbl10 no  
R2TL84GreenCtbl11 no  
R2TL84GreenCtbl12 no  
R2TL84GreenCtbl13 no  
R2TL84GreenCtbl14 no  
R2TL84GreenCtbl15 no  
R2TL84GreenCtbl16 no  
R2TL84GreenCtbl17 no  
R2TL84GreenCtbl18 no  
R2TL84GreenCtbl19 no  
R2TL84GreenCtbl20 no  
R2TL84GreenCtbl21 no  
R2TL84GreenCtbl22 no  
R2TL84GreenCtbl23 no  
R2TL84GreenCtbl24 no  
R2TL84GreenCtbl25 no  
R2TL84GreenCtbl26 no  
R2TL84GreenCtbl27 no  
R2TL84GreenCtbl28 no  
R2TL84GreenCtbl29 no  
R2TL84GreenCtbl30 no  
R2TL84GreenCtbl31 no  
R2TL84GreenStbl00 no  
R2TL84GreenStbl01 no  
R2TL84GreenStbl02 no  
R2TL84GreenStbl03 no  
R2TL84GreenStbl04 no  
R2TL84GreenStbl05 no  
R2TL84GreenStbl06 no  
R2TL84GreenStbl07 no  
R2TL84GreenStbl08 no  
R2TL84GreenStbl09 no  
R2TL84GreenStbl10 no  
R2TL84GreenStbl11 no  
R2TL84GreenStbl12 no  
R2TL84GreenStbl13 no  
R2TL84GreenStbl14 no  
R2TL84GreenStbl15 no  
R2TL84GreenStbl16 no  
R2TL84GreenStbl17 no  
R2TL84GreenStbl18 no  
R2TL84GreenStbl19 no  
R2TL84GreenStbl20 no  
R2TL84GreenStbl21 no  
R2TL84GreenStbl22 no  
R2TL84GreenStbl23 no  
R2TL84GreenStbl24 no  
R2TL84GreenStbl25 no  
R2TL84GreenStbl26 no  
R2TL84GreenStbl27 no  
R2TL84GreenStbl28 no  
R2TL84GreenStbl29 no  
R2TL84GreenStbl30 no  
R2TL84GreenStbl31 no  
R2TL84Height no  
R2TL84Intervals no  
R2TL84RedCtbl00 no  
R2TL84RedCtbl01 no  
R2TL84RedCtbl02 no  
R2TL84RedCtbl03 no  
R2TL84RedCtbl04 no  
R2TL84RedCtbl05 no  
R2TL84RedCtbl06 no  
R2TL84RedCtbl07 no  
R2TL84RedCtbl08 no  
R2TL84RedCtbl09 no  
R2TL84RedCtbl10 no  
R2TL84RedCtbl11 no  
R2TL84RedCtbl12 no  
R2TL84RedCtbl13 no  
R2TL84RedCtbl14 no  
R2TL84RedCtbl15 no  
R2TL84RedCtbl16 no  
R2TL84RedCtbl17 no  
R2TL84RedCtbl18 no  
R2TL84RedCtbl19 no  
R2TL84RedCtbl20 no  
R2TL84RedCtbl21 no  
R2TL84RedCtbl22 no  
R2TL84RedCtbl23 no  
R2TL84RedCtbl24 no  
R2TL84RedCtbl25 no  
R2TL84RedCtbl26 no  
R2TL84RedCtbl27 no  
R2TL84RedCtbl28 no  
R2TL84RedCtbl29 no  
R2TL84RedCtbl30 no  
R2TL84RedCtbl31 no  
R2TL84RedStbl00 no  
R2TL84RedStbl01 no  
R2TL84RedStbl02 no  
R2TL84RedStbl03 no  
R2TL84RedStbl04 no  
R2TL84RedStbl05 no  
R2TL84RedStbl06 no  
R2TL84RedStbl07 no  
R2TL84RedStbl08 no  
R2TL84RedStbl09 no  
R2TL84RedStbl10 no  
R2TL84RedStbl11 no  
R2TL84RedStbl12 no  
R2TL84RedStbl13 no  
R2TL84RedStbl14 no  
R2TL84RedStbl15 no  
R2TL84RedStbl16 no  
R2TL84RedStbl17 no  
R2TL84RedStbl18 no  
R2TL84RedStbl19 no  
R2TL84RedStbl20 no  
R2TL84RedStbl21 no  
R2TL84RedStbl22 no  
R2TL84RedStbl23 no  
R2TL84RedStbl24 no  
R2TL84RedStbl25 no  
R2TL84RedStbl26 no  
R2TL84RedStbl27 no  
R2TL84RedStbl28 no  
R2TL84RedStbl29 no  
R2TL84RedStbl30 no  
R2TL84RedStbl31 no  
R2TL84Tbl00 no  
R2TL84Tbl01 no  
R2TL84Tbl02 no  
R2TL84Tbl03 no  
R2TL84Tbl04 no  
R2TL84Tbl05 no  
R2TL84Tbl06 no  
R2TL84Tbl07 no  
R2TL84Tbl08 no  
R2TL84Tbl09 no  
R2TL84Tbl10 no  
R2TL84Tbl11 no  
R2TL84Tbl12 no  
R2TL84Tbl13 no  
R2TL84Tbl14 no  
R2TL84Tbl15 no  
R2TL84Tbl16 no  
R2TL84Tbl17 no  
R2TL84Tbl18 no  
R2TL84Tbl19 no  
R2TL84Tbl20 no  
R2TL84Tbl21 no  
R2TL84Tbl22 no  
R2TL84Tbl23 no  
R2TL84Tbl24 no  
R2TL84Tbl25 no  
R2TL84Tbl26 no  
R2TL84Tbl27 no  
R2TL84Tbl28 no  
R2TL84Tbl29 no  
R2TL84Tbl30 no  
R2TL84Tbl31 no  
R2TL84Width no  
RolloffEnable no  
SensorFmt no  
SensorType no  
SensrFulHght no  
SensrFulWdth no  
SensrQtrHght no  
SensrQtrWdth no  
SnapshotResol no  
TL84ConvChrmA_M no  
TL84ConvChrmA_P no  
TL84ConvChrmB_M no  
TL84ConvChrmB_P no  
TL84ConvChrmC_M no  
TL84ConvChrmC_P no  
TL84ConvChrmD_M no  
TL84ConvChrmD_P no  
TL84ConvChrmKCb no  
TL84ConvChrmKCr no  
TL84ConvLumaK no  
TL84ConvLumaV0 no  
TL84ConvLumaV1 no  
TL84ConvLumaV2 no  
VideoFps no  
YhiYloConvChrmA_M no  
YhiYloConvChrmA_P no  
YhiYloConvChrmB_M no  
YhiYloConvChrmB_P no  
YhiYloConvChrmC_M no  
YhiYloConvChrmC_P no  
YhiYloConvChrmD_M no  
YhiYloConvChrmD_P no  
YhiYloConvChrmKCb no  
YhiYloConvChrmKCr no  
YhiYloConvLumaK no  
YhiYloConvLumaV0 no  
YhiYloConvLumaV1 no  
YhiYloConvLumaV2 no  
YhiYloCorC0 no  
YhiYloCorC1 no  
YhiYloCorC2 no  
YhiYloCorC3 no  
YhiYloCorC4 no  
YhiYloCorC5 no  
YhiYloCorC6 no  
YhiYloCorC7 no  
YhiYloCorC8 no  
YhiYloCorK0 no  
YhiYloCorK1 no  
YhiYloCorK2 no  

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