RTF Tags

This table lists standard tags of the RTF information group, but ExifTool will also extract any non-standard tags found in this group. As well, ExifTool will extract any custom properties that are found. See http://www.microsoft.com/en-ca/download/details.aspx?id=10725 for the specification.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'author' Author no  
'buptim' BackupTime no  
'category' Category no  
'comment' Comment no  
'company' Company no  
'copyright' Copyright no  
'creatim' CreateDate no  
'doccomm' Comments no  
'edmins' TotalEditTime no  
'hlinkbase' HyperlinkBase no  
'id' InternalIDNumber no  
'keywords' Keywords no  
'manager' Manager no  
'nofchars' Characters no  
'nofcharsws' CharactersWithSpaces no (according to the 2007 Microsoft RTF specification this is clearly the number of characters NOT including spaces, but Microsoft Word writes this as the number WITH spaces, so ExifTool names this tag according to the de facto standard)
'nofpages' Pages no  
'nofwords' Words no  
'operator' LastModifiedBy no  
'printim' LastPrinted no  
'revtim' ModifyDate no  
'subject' Subject no  
'title' Title no  
'vern' InternalVersionNumber no  
'version' RevisionNumber no  

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Last revised Jun 30, 2012

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