Text Tags

Although basic text files contain no metadata, the following tags are determined from a simple analysis of the data in TXT and CSV files. Statistics are generated only for 8-bit encodings, but the FastScan (-fast) option may be used to limit processing to the first 64 kB in which case some tags are not produced. To avoid long processing delays, ExifTool will issue a minor warning and process only the first 64 kB of any file larger than 20 MB unless the IgnoreMinorErrors (-m) option is used.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
ByteOrderMark no 0 = No
1 = Yes
ColumnCount no  
Delimiter no '' = (none)
"\x09" = Tab
',' = Comma
';' = Semicolon
LineCount no  
MIMEEncoding no  
Newlines no '' = (none)
"\x0a" = Unix LF
"\x0d" = Macintosh CR
"\x0d\x0a" = Windows CRLF
Quoting no '' = (none)
'"' = Double quotes
''' = Single quotes
RowCount no  
WordCount no  

(This document generated automatically by Image::ExifTool::BuildTagLookup)
Last revised Feb 14, 2020

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