VCard Tags

This table lists common vCard tags, but ExifTool will also extract any other vCard tags found. Tag names may have "Pref" added to indicate the preferred instance of a vCard property, and other "TYPE" parameters may also added to the tag name. VCF files may contain multiple vCard entries which are distinguished by the ExifTool family 3 group name (document number). See for the vCard 4.0 specification.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'Adr' Address no  
'Anniversary' Anniversary no  
'Bday' Birthday no  
'Email' Email no  
'Fn' FormattedName no  
'Gender' Gender no  
'Geo' Geolocation no  
'Impp' IMPP no  
'Lang' Language no  
'Logo' Logo no  
'N' Name no  
'Nickname' Nickname no  
'Note' Note no  
'Org' Organization no  
'Photo' Photo no  
'Prodid' Software no  
'Rev' Revision no  
'Sound' Sound no  
'Tel' Telephone no  
'Title' JobTitle no  
'Tz' TimeZone no  
'Uid' UID no  
'Url' URL no  
'Version' VCardVersion no  
'X-abdate' ABDate no  
'X-ablabel' ABLabel no  
'X-abrelatednames' ABRelatedNames no  
'X-abuid' AB_UID no  
'X-aim' AIM no  
'X-icq' ICQ no  
'X-socialprofile' SocialProfile no  

VCard VCalendar Tags

The VCard module is also used to process iCalendar ICS files since they use a format similar to vCard. The following table lists standard iCalendar tags, but any existing tags will be extracted. Top-level iCalendar components (eg. Event, Todo, Timezone, etc.) are used for the family 1 group names, and embedded components (eg. Alarm) are added as a prefix to the tag name. See for the official iCalendar 2.0 specification.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'Acknowledged' Acknowledged no  
'Action' Action no  
'Attach' Attachment no  
'Attendee' Attendee no  
'Calscale' CalendarScale no  
'Categories' Categories no  
'Class' Classification no  
'Comment' Comment no  
'Completed' DateTimeCompleted no  
'Contact' Contact no  
'Created' DateCreated no  
'Description' Description no  
'Dtend' DateTimeEnd no  
'Dtstamp' DateTimeStamp no  
'Dtstart' DateTimeStart no  
'Due' DateTimeDue no  
'Duration' Duration no  
'Exdate' ExceptionDateTimes no  
'Freebusy' FreeBusyTime no  
'Geo' Geolocation no  
'Last-modified' ModifyDate no  
'Location' Location no  
'Method' Method no  
'Organizer' Organizer no  
'Percent-complete' PercentComplete no  
'Priority' Priority no  
'Prodid' Software no  
'Rdate' RecurrenceDateTimes no  
'Recurrence-id' RecurrenceID no  
'Related-to' RelatedTo no  
'Repeat' Repeat no  
'Request-status' RequestStatus no  
'Resources' Resources no  
'Rrule' RecurrenceRule no  
'Sequence' SequenceNumber no  
'Status' Status no  
'Summary' Summary no  
'Transp' TimeTransparency no  
'Trigger' Trigger no  
'Tzid' TimezoneID no  
'Tzname' TimezoneName no  
'Tzoffsetfrom' TimezoneOffsetFrom no  
'Tzoffsetto' TimezoneOffsetTo no  
'Tzurl' TimeZoneURL no  
'Uid' UID no  
'Url' URL no  
'Version' VCalendarVersion no  
'X-apple-calendar-color' CalendarColor no  
'X-apple-default-alarm' DefaultAlarm no  
'X-apple-local-default-alarm' LocalDefaultAlarm no  
'X-microsoft-cdo-alldayevent' AllDayEvent no  
'X-microsoft-cdo-appt-sequence' AppointmentSequence no  
'X-microsoft-cdo-busystatus' BusyStatus no  
'X-microsoft-cdo-importance' Importance no 0 = Low
1 = Normal
2 = High
'X-microsoft-cdo-insttype' InstanceType no 0 = Non-recurring Appointment
1 = Recurring Appointment
2 = Single Instance of Recurring Appointment
3 = Exception to Recurring Appointment
'X-microsoft-cdo-intendedstatus' IntendedBusyStatus no  
'X-microsoft-cdo-ownerapptid' OwnerAppointmentID no  
'X-microsoft-disallow-counter' DisallowCounterProposal no  
'X-microsoft-donotforwardmeeting' DoNotForwardMeeting no  
'X-microsoft-locations' MeetingLocations no  
'X-wr-alarmuid' AlarmUID no  
'X-wr-caldesc' CalendarDescription no  
'X-wr-calname' CalendarName no  
'X-wr-relcalid' CalendarID no  
'X-wr-timezone' TimeZone2 no  

VCard VNote Tags

Tags extracted from V-Note VNT files.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'Body' Body no  
'Dcreated' CreateDate no  
'Last-modified' ModifyDate no  
'Version' Version no  

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