ASF Tags

The ASF format is used by Windows WMA and WMV files, and DIVX videos. Tag ID's aren't listed because they are huge 128-bit GUID's that would ruin the formatting of this table.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
SimpleIndex no  
TimecodeIndex no  
Header - --> ASF Header Tags
Data no  
XMP - --> XMP Tags
Index no  
MediaIndex no  

ASF Header Tags

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
Padding no  
ScriptCommand no  
ContentBranding - --> ASF ContentBranding Tags
ContentEncryption no  
DigitalSignature no  
ExtendedContentEncryption no  
HeaderExtension - --> ASF HeaderExtension Tags
ContentDescription - --> ASF ContentDescr Tags
ErrorCorrection no  
StreamBitrateProps no  
CodecList - --> ASF CodecList Tags
FileProperties - --> ASF FileProperties Tags
StreamProperties - --> ASF StreamProperties Tags
ExtendedContentDescr - --> ASF ExtendedDescr Tags
BitrateMutualExclusion no  
Marker no  

ASF ContentBranding Tags

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
BannerImageType no 0 = None
1 = Bitmap
2 = JPEG
3 = GIF
BannerImage no  
BannerImageURL no  
CopyrightURL no  

ASF HeaderExtension Tags

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
ExtendedStreamProps no  
AdvancedContentEncryption no  
MetadataLibrary - --> ASF ExtendedDescr Tags
TimecodeIndexParms no  
Compatibility no  
LanguageList no  
AdvancedMutualExcl no  
BandwidthSharing no  
Reserved1 no  
Metadata - --> ASF ExtendedDescr Tags
GroupMutualExclusion no  
StreamPrioritization no  
IndexParameters no  

ASF ExtendedDescr Tags

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
ASFLeakyBucketPairs no  
ASFPacketCount no  
ASFSecurityObjectsSize no  
AlbumArtist no  
AlbumCoverURL no  
AlbumTitle no  
AspectRatioX no  
AspectRatioY no  
AudioFileURL no  
AudioSourceURL no  
Author no  
AuthorURL no  
AverageLevel no  
BannerImageData no  
BannerImageType no  
BannerImageURL no  
BeatsPerMinute no  
Bitrate no  
Broadcast no  
BufferAverage no  
Can_Skip_Backward no  
Can_Skip_Forward no  
Category no  
Codec no  
Composer no  
Conductor no  
ContainerFormat no  
ContentDistributor no  
ContentGroupDescription no  
Copyright no  
CopyrightURL no  
CurrentBitrate no  
DRM no  
DRM_ContentID no  
DRM_DRMHeader no  
DRM_DRMHeader_ContentDistributor no  
DRM_DRMHeader_ContentID no  
DRM_DRMHeader_IndividualizedVersion no  
DRM_DRMHeader_KeyID no  
DRM_DRMHeader_LicenseAcqURL no  
DRM_DRMHeader_SubscriptionContentID no  
DRM_IndividualizedVersion no  
DRM_KeyID no  
DRM_LASignatureCert no  
DRM_LASignatureLicSrvCert no  
DRM_LASignaturePrivKey no  
DRM_LASignatureRootCert no  
DRM_LicenseAcqURL no  
DRM_V1LicenseAcqURL no  
DVDID no  
Description no  
Director no  
Duration no  
EncodedBy no  
EncodingSettings no  
EncodingTime no  
FileSize no  
Genre no  
GenreID no  
HasArbitraryDataStream no  
HasAttachedImages no  
HasAudio no  
HasFileTransferStream no  
HasImage no  
HasScript no  
HasVideo no  
ISRC no  
InitialKey no  
IsVBR no  
Is_Protected no  
Is_Trusted no  
Language no  
Lyrics no  
Lyrics_Synchronised no  
MCDI no  
MediaClassPrimaryID no  
MediaClassSecondaryID no  
MediaCredits no  
MediaIsDelay no  
MediaIsFinale no  
MediaIsLive no  
MediaIsPremiere no  
MediaIsRepeat no  
MediaIsSAP no  
MediaIsStereo no  
MediaIsSubtitled no  
MediaIsTape no  
MediaNetworkAffiliation no  
MediaOriginalBroadcastDateTime no  
MediaOriginalChannel no  
MediaStationCallSign no  
MediaStationName no  
ModifiedBy no  
Mood no  
NSC_Address no  
NSC_Description no  
NSC_Email no  
NSC_Name no  
NSC_Phone no  
NumberOfFrames no  
OptimalBitrate no  
OriginalAlbumTitle no  
OriginalArtist no  
OriginalFileName no  
OriginalLyricist no  
OriginalReleaseTime no  
OriginalReleaseYear no  
ParentalRating no  
ParentalRatingReason no  
PartOfSet no  
PeakBitrate no  
PeakValue no  
Period no  
Picture - --> ASF Picture Tags
PlaylistDelay no  
Producer no  
PromotionURL no  
ProtectionType no  
Provider no  
ProviderCopyright no  
ProviderRating no  
ProviderStyle no  
Publisher no  
RadioStationName no  
RadioStationOwner no  
Rating no  
Seekable no  
SharedUserRating no  
Signature_Name no  
StreamTypeInfo no  
Stridable no  
Subtitle no  
SubtitleDescription no  
SubscriptionContentID no  
Text no  
Title no  
ToolName no  
ToolVersion no  
Track no  
TrackNumber no  
UniqueFileIdentifier no  
UserWebURL no  
VBRPeak no  
VideoClosedCaptioning no  
VideoFrameRate no  
VideoHeight no  
VideoWidth no  
WMADRCAverageReference no  
WMADRCAverageTarget no  
WMADRCPeakReference no  
WMADRCPeakTarget no  
WMCollectionGroupID no  
WMCollectionID no  
WMContentID no  
Writer no  
Year no  

ASF Picture Tags

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
PictureType no
0 = Other
1 = 32x32 PNG Icon
2 = Other Icon
3 = Front Cover
4 = Back Cover
5 = Leaflet
6 = Media
7 = Lead Artist
8 = Artist
9 = Conductor
10 = Band
11 = Composer
12 = Lyricist
13 = Recording Studio or Location
14 = Recording Session
15 = Performance
16 = Capture from Movie or Video
17 = Bright(ly) Colored Fish
18 = Illustration
19 = Band Logo
20 = Publisher Logo
PictureMIMEType no  
PictureDescription no  
Picture no  

ASF ContentDescr Tags

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
Title no  
Author no  
Copyright no  
Description no  
Rating no  

ASF CodecList Tags

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
AudioCodecDescription no  
AudioCodecName no  
OtherCodecDescription no  
OtherCodecName no  
VideoCodecDescription no  
VideoCodecName no  

ASF FileProperties Tags

Index1Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
0 FileID no  
16 FileLength no  
24 CreationDate no  
32 DataPackets no  
40 Duration no (called PlayDuration by the ASF spec)
48 SendDuration no  
56 Preroll no  
64 Flags no  
68 MinPacketSize no  
72 MaxPacketSize no  
76 MaxBitrate no  

ASF StreamProperties Tags

Tags with index 54 and greater are conditional based on the StreamType.

Index1Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
0 StreamType no '35907DE0-E415-11CF-A917-00805F5C442B' = Degradable JPEG
'3AFB65E2-47EF-40F2-AC2C-70A90D71D343' = Binary
'59DACFC0-59E6-11D0-A3AC-00A0C90348F6' = Command
'91BD222C-F21C-497A-8B6D-5AA86BFC0185' = File Transfer
'B61BE100-5B4E-11CF-A8FD-00805F5C442B' = JFIF
'BC19EFC0-5B4D-11CF-A8FD-00805F5C442B' = Video
'F8699E40-5B4D-11CF-A8FD-00805F5C442B' = Audio
16 ErrorCorrectionType no '20FB5700-5B55-11CF-A8FD-00805F5C442B' = No Error Correction
'BFC3CD50-618F-11CF-8BB2-00AA00B4E220' = Audio Spread
32 TimeOffset no  
48 StreamNumber no  
54 AudioCodecID
--> RIFF AudioEncoding Values
56 AudioChannels no  
58 AudioSampleRate

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