Audible Tags

ExifTool will extract any information found in the metadata dictionary of Audible .AA files, even if not listed in the table below.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'_chapter_count' ChapterCount no  
'_cover_art' CoverArt no  
'author' Author no  
'copyright' Copyright no  
'pub_date_start' PublishDateStart no  
'pubdate' PublishDate no  

Audible tags Tags

Information found in "tags" atom of Audible M4B audio books.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'cvrx' Audible_cvrx - --> Audible cvrx Tags
'meta' Audible_meta - --> Audible meta Tags
'tseg' Audible_tseg - --> Audible tseg Tags

Audible cvrx Tags

Audible cover art information in M4B audio books.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
CoverArt no  
CoverArtType no  

Audible meta Tags

Information found in Audible M4B "meta" atom.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'ALBUMARTIST' AlbumArtist no  
'Album' Album no  
'Artist' Artist no  
'Comment' Comment no  
'Genre' Genre no  
'SUBTITLE' Subtitle no  
'TOOL' CreatorTool no  
'Title' Title no  
'Year' Year no  
'itunesmediatype' iTunesMediaType no  
'track' ChapterName no  

Audible tseg Tags

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'meta' Audible_meta2 - --> Audible meta Tags
'tshd' ChapterNumber no  

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Last revised Apr 30, 2019

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