CanonRaw Tags

These tags apply to CRW-format Canon RAW files and information in the APP0 "CIFF" segment of JPEG images. When writing CanonRaw/CIFF information, the length of the information is preserved (and the new information is truncated or padded as required) unless Writable is resize. Currently, only JpgFromRaw and ThumbnailImage are allowed to change size. See canon_raw.html for a description of the Canon CRW format.

CRW images also support the addition of a CanonVRD trailer, which in turn supports XMP. This trailer is created automatically if necessary when ExifTool is used to write XMP to a CRW image.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0x0000 NullRecord undef  
0x0001 FreeBytes undef  
0x0032 CanonColorInfo1 no  
0x0805 CanonFileDescription
0x080a CanonRawMakeModel - --> CanonRaw MakeModel Tags
0x080b CanonFirmwareVersion string[32]  
0x080c ComponentVersion string  
0x080d ROMOperationMode string[8]  
0x0810 OwnerName string[32]  
0x0815 CanonImageType string[32]  
0x0816 OriginalFileName string[32]  
0x0817 ThumbnailFileName string[32]  
0x100a TargetImageType int16u 0 = Real-world Subject
1 = Written Document
0x1010 ShutterReleaseMethod int16u 0 = Single Shot
2 = Continuous Shooting
0x1011 ShutterReleaseTiming int16u 0 = Priority on shutter
1 = Priority on focus
0x1016 ReleaseSetting int16u  
0x101c BaseISO int16u  
0x1028 CanonFlashInfo? int16u[4]  
0x1029 CanonFocalLength - --> Canon FocalLength Tags
0x102a CanonShotInfo - --> Canon ShotInfo Tags
0x102c CanonColorInfo2 no  
0x102d CanonCameraSettings - --> Canon CameraSettings Tags
0x1030 WhiteSample - --> CanonRaw WhiteSample Tags
0x1031 SensorInfo - --> Canon SensorInfo Tags
0x1033 CustomFunctions10D
--> CanonCustom Functions10D Tags
--> CanonCustom FunctionsD30 Tags
--> CanonCustom FunctionsD30 Tags
--> CanonCustom FuncsUnknown Tags
0x1038 CanonAFInfo - --> Canon AFInfo Tags
0x1093 CanonFileInfo - --> Canon FileInfo Tags
0x10a9 ColorBalance - --> Canon ColorBalance Tags
0x10ae ColorTemperature int16u  
0x10b4 ColorSpace int16u 1 = sRGB
2 = Adobe RGB
65535 = Uncalibrated
0x10b5 RawJpgInfo - --> CanonRaw RawJpgInfo Tags
0x1803 ImageFormat - --> CanonRaw ImageFormat Tags
0x1804 RecordID int32u  
0x1806 SelfTimerTime int32u  
0x1807 TargetDistanceSetting float  
0x180b SerialNumber
0x180e TimeStamp - --> CanonRaw TimeStamp Tags
0x1810 ImageInfo - --> CanonRaw ImageInfo Tags
0x1813 FlashInfo - --> CanonRaw FlashInfo Tags
0x1814 MeasuredEV float (this is the Canon name for what could better be called MeasuredLV, and should be close to the calculated LightValue for a proper exposure with most models)
0x1817 FileNumber int32u  
0x1818 ExposureInfo - --> CanonRaw ExposureInfo Tags
0x1834 CanonModelID int32u --> Canon CanonModelID Values
(this is the complete list of model ID numbers, but note that many of these models do not produce CRW images)
0x1835 DecoderTable - --> CanonRaw DecoderTable Tags
0x183b SerialNumberFormat int32u 0x90000000 = Format 1
0xa0000000 = Format 2
0x2005 RawData no  
0x2007 JpgFromRaw resize^  
0x2008 ThumbnailImage resize^  
0x2804 ImageDescription - --> CanonRaw Tags
0x2807 CameraObject - --> CanonRaw Tags
0x3002 ShootingRecord - --> CanonRaw Tags
0x3003 MeasuredInfo - --> CanonRaw Tags
0x3004 CameraSpecification - --> CanonRaw Tags
0x300a ImageProps - --> CanonRaw Tags
0x300b ExifInformation - --> CanonRaw Tags

CanonRaw MakeModel Tags

Index1Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
0 Make string[6]  
6 Model string  

CanonRaw WhiteSample Tags

Index2Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
1 WhiteSampleWidth no  
2 WhiteSampleHeight no  
3 WhiteSampleLeftBorder no  
4 WhiteSampleTopBorder no  
5 WhiteSampleBits no  

CanonRaw RawJpgInfo Tags

Index2Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
1 RawJpgQuality int16u 1 = Economy
2 = Normal
3 = Fine
5 = Superfine
2 RawJpgSize int16u 0 = Large
1 = Medium
2 = Small
3 RawJpgWidth int16u  
4 RawJpgHeight int16u  

CanonRaw ImageFormat Tags

Index4Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
0 FileFormat int32u 0x10000 = JPEG (lossy)
0x10002 = JPEG (non-quantization)
0x10003 = JPEG (lossy/non-quantization toggled)
0x20001 = CRW
1 TargetCompressionRatio float  

CanonRaw TimeStamp Tags

Index4Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
0 DateTimeOriginal int32u  
1 TimeZoneCode int32s  
2 TimeZoneInfo int32u (set to 0x80000000 if TimeZoneCode is valid)

CanonRaw ImageInfo Tags

Index4Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
0 ImageWidth no  
1 ImageHeight no  
2 PixelAspectRatio no  
3 Rotation int32s  
4 ComponentBitDepth no  
5 ColorBitDepth no  
6 ColorBW no  

CanonRaw FlashInfo Tags

Index4Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
0 FlashGuideNumber float  
1 FlashThreshold float  

CanonRaw ExposureInfo Tags

Index4Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
0 ExposureCompensation float  
1 ShutterSpeedValue float  
2 ApertureValue float  

CanonRaw DecoderTable Tags

Index4Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
0 DecoderTableNumber no  
2 CompressedDataOffset no  
3 CompressedDataLength no  

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Last revised Nov 28, 2019

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