Flash Tags

The information below is extracted from SWF (Shockwave Flash) files. Tags with string ID's represent information extracted from the file header.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'Compressed' Compressed no 0 = False
1 = True
'Duration' Duration no (calculated from FrameRate and FrameCount)
'FlashVersion' FlashVersion no  
'FrameCount' FrameCount no  
'FrameRate' FrameRate no  
'ImageHeight' ImageHeight no  
'ImageWidth' ImageWidth no  
0x0045 FlashAttributes no Bit 0 = UseNetwork
Bit 3 = ActionScript3
Bit 4 = HasMetadata
0x004d XMP - --> XMP Tags

Flash FLV Tags

Information is extracted from the following packets in FLV (Flash Video) files.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0x0008 Audio - --> Flash Audio Tags
0x0009 Video - --> Flash Video Tags
0x0012 Meta - --> Flash Meta Tags

Flash Audio Tags

Information extracted from the Flash Audio header.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'Bit0-3' AudioEncoding no
0 = PCM-BE (uncompressed)
2 = MP3
3 = PCM-LE (uncompressed)
4 = Nellymoser 16kHz Mono
5 = Nellymoser 8kHz Mono
6 = Nellymoser
7 = G.711 A-law logarithmic PCM
8 = G.711 mu-law logarithmic PCM
10 = AAC
11 = Speex
13 = MP3 8-Khz
15 = Device-specific sound
'Bit4-5' AudioSampleRate no  
'Bit6' AudioBitsPerSample no  
'Bit7' AudioChannels no 1 = 1 (mono)
2 = 2 (stereo)

Flash Video Tags

Information extracted from the Flash Video header.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'Bit4-7' VideoEncoding no
1 = JPEG
2 = Sorensen H.263
3 = Screen Video
4 = On2 VP6
   5 = On2 VP6 Alpha
6 = Screen Video 2
7 = H.264

Flash Meta Tags

Below are a few observed FLV Meta tags, but ExifTool will attempt to extract information from any tag found.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'audiocodecid' AudioCodecID no  
'audiodatarate' AudioBitrate no  
'audiodelay' AudioDelay no  
'audiosamplerate' AudioSampleRate no  
'audiosamplesize' AudioSampleSize no  
'audiosize' AudioSize no  
'bytelength' ByteLength no  
'canSeekToEnd' CanSeekToEnd no  
'canseekontime' CanSeekOnTime no  
'createdby' CreatedBy no  
'creationdate' CreateDate no  
'cuePoints' CuePoint - --> Flash CuePoint Tags
'datasize' DataSize no  
'duration' Duration no  
'filesize' FileSizeBytes no  
'framerate' FrameRate no  
'hasAudio' HasAudio no  
'hasCuePoints' HasCuePoints no  
'hasKeyframes' HasKeyFrames no  
'hasMetadata' HasMetadata no  
'hasVideo' HasVideo no  
'height' ImageHeight no  
'httphostheader' HTTPHostHeader no  
'keyframesFilepositions' KeyFramePositions no  
'keyframesTimes' KeyFramesTimes no  
'lastkeyframetimestamp' LastKeyFrameTime no  
'lasttimestamp' LastTimeStamp no  
'liveXML' XMP - --> XMP Tags
'metadatacreator' MetadataCreator no  
'metadatadate' MetadataDate no  
'pmsg' Message no  
'purl' URL no  
'sourcedata' SourceData no  
'starttime' StartTime no  
'stereo' Stereo no  
'totaldatarate' TotalDataRate no  
'totalduration' TotalDuration no  
'videocodecid' VideoCodecID no  
'videodatarate' VideoBitrate no  
'videosize' VideoSize no  
'width' ImageWidth no  

Flash CuePoint Tags

These tag names are added to the CuePoint name to generate complete tag names like "CuePoint0Name".

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'name' Name no  
'parameters' Parameter - --> Flash Parameter Tags
'time' Time no  
'type' Type no  

Flash Parameter Tags

There are no pre-defined parameter tags, but ExifTool will extract any existing parameters, with tag names like "CuePoint0ParameterXxx".

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
[no tags known]

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Last revised Jul 9, 2015

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