Font Tags

This table contains a collection of tags found in font files of various formats. ExifTool current recognizes OTF, TTF, TTC, DFONT, PFA, PFB, PFM, AFM, ACFM and AMFM font files.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'AFM' AFM - --> Font AFM Tags
'PFM' PFMHeader - --> Font PFM Tags
'PSInfo' PSFontInfo - --> Font PSInfo Tags
'fontname' FontName no  
'name' Name - --> Font Name Tags
'numfonts' NumFonts no  
'postfont' PostScriptFontName no  

Font AFM Tags

Tags extracted from Adobe Font Metrics files (AFM, ACFM and AMFM).

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'Ascender' Ascender no  
'CapHeight' CapHeight no  
'CharacterSet' CharacterSet no  
'Characters' Characters no  
'Creation Date' CreateDate no  
'Descender' Descender no  
'EncodingScheme' EncodingScheme no  
'EscChar' EscChar no  
'FamilyName' FontFamily no  
'FontName' FontName no  
'FullName' FullName no  
'IsBaseFont' IsBaseFont no  
'IsFixedV' IsFixedV no  
'MappingScheme' MappingScheme no  
'Notice' Notice no  
'Version' Version no  
'Weight' Weight no  
'XHeight' XHeight no  

Font PFM Tags

Tags extracted from the PFM file header.

Index1Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
0 PFMVersion no  
6 Copyright no  
66 FontType no  
68 PointSize no  
70 YResolution no  
72 XResolution no  
74 Ascent no  
76 InternalLeading no  
78 ExternalLeading no  
80 Italic no  
81 Underline no  
82 Strikeout no  
83 Weight no  
85 CharacterSet no  
86 PixWidth no  
88 PixHeight no  
90 PitchAndFamily no  
91 AvgWidth no  
93 MaxWidth no  
95 FirstChar no  
96 LastChar no  
97 DefaultChar no  
98 BreakChar no  
99 WidthBytes no  

Font PSInfo Tags

Tags extracted from PostScript font files (PFA and PFB).

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'Copyright' Copyright no  
'FSType' FSType no  
'FamilyName' FontFamily no  
'FontName' FontName no  
'FontType' FontType no  
'FullName' FullName no  
'ItalicAngle' ItalicAngle no  
'Notice' Notice no  
'UnderlinePosition' UnderlinePosition no  
'UnderlineThickness' UnderlineThickness no  
'Weight' Weight no  
'isFixedPitch' IsFixedPitch no  
'version' Version no  

Font Name Tags

The following tags are extracted from the TrueType font "name" table found in OTF, TTF, TTC and DFONT files. These tags support localized languages by adding a hyphen followed by a language code to the end of the tag name (eg. "Copyright-fr" or "License-en-US"). Tags with no language code use the default language of "en".

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0x0000 Copyright no  
0x0001 FontFamily no  
0x0002 FontSubfamily no  
0x0003 FontSubfamilyID no  
0x0004 FontName no  
0x0005 NameTableVersion no  
0x0006 PostScriptFontName no  
0x0007 Trademark no  
0x0008 Manufacturer no  
0x0009 Designer no  
0x000a Description no  
0x000b VendorURL no  
0x000c DesignerURL no  
0x000d License no  
0x000e LicenseInfoURL no  
0x0010 PreferredFamily no  
0x0011 PreferredSubfamily no  
0x0012 CompatibleFontName no  
0x0013 SampleText no  
0x0014 PostScriptFontName no  
0x0015 WWSFamilyName no  
0x0016 WWSSubfamilyName no  

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