FotoStation Tags

The following tables define information found in the FotoWare FotoStation trailer.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0x0001 IPTC - --> IPTC Tags
0x0002 SoftEdit - --> FotoStation SoftEdit Tags
0x0003 ThumbnailImage yes  
0x0004 PreviewImage yes  

FotoStation SoftEdit Tags

Index4Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
0 OriginalImageWidth int32s  
1 OriginalImageHeight int32s  
2 ColorPlanes int32s  
3 XYResolution int32s  
4 Rotation int32s (rotations are stored as degrees CCW * 100, but converted to degrees CW by ExifTool)
6 CropLeft int32s  
7 CropTop int32s  
8 CropRight int32s  
9 CropBottom int32s  
11 CropRotation int32s  

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Last revised Oct 20, 2006

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