GM Tags

These tags are extracted from GM/Cosworth PDR (Performance Data Recorder) information found in videos from General Motors cars such as Corvette and Camero.

Use the API PrintCSV option to output all timed PDR data in CSV format at greatly increased speed and with much lower memory usage. This option prints the numerical values for each channel in CSV format, suitable for import into RaceRender. In this output, the gear numbers for Neutral and Reverse are changed to -1 and -100 respectively for compatibility with RaceRender.

GM marl Tags

Tags extracted from the 'ctbx' 'marl' (Marlin) box of timed PDR metadata from GM cars. Use the -ee (API ExtractEmbedded) option to extract this information, or the API PrintCSV option to output in CSV format.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
ABSActive no  
AccelPos no  
BatteryVoltage no  
Beacon no  
BoostPressureInd no  
BrakePos no  
CPUFree no  
CPUIO no  
CPUSystem no  
CPUUser no  
ClutchPos no  
CoolantTemp no  
CornerExitSetting no  
DiskReadOperations no  
DiskReadRate no  
DiskReadTime no  
DiskWriteOperations no  
DiskWriteRate no  
DiskWriteTime no  
Distance no  
DriverPerformanceMode no  
EngineSpeedRequest no  
EngineTorqureReq no  
FuelCapacity no  
FuelLevel no  
GPSAltitude no  
GPSDateTime no (generated from the TimeStamp only if specifically requested)
GPSFix no  
GPSLatitude no  
GPSLongitude no  
GPSTrack no  
Gear no (in the PrintCSV output, the value for Neutral is set to -1, and Reverse to -100 for compatibility with RaceRender)
1 = 1
2 = 2
3 = 3
4 = 4
   5 = 5
6 = 6
13 = N
14 = R
InfotainOpMode no  
IntakeAirTemperature no  
IntakeBoostPressure no  
LFTyrePressure no  
LFTyreTemp no  
LRTyrePressure no  
LRTyreTemp no  
LateralAcceleration no  
LongitudinalAcceleration no  
OilPressure no  
OilTemp no  
OutsideAirTemperature no  
RFTyrePressure no  
RFTyreTemp no  
RPM no  
RRTyrePressure no  
RRTyreTemp no  
RecordingEventOdometer no  
Speed no  
SpeedControlResponse no  
SpeedRequestIntervention no  
Steering1Switch no  
Steering2Switch no  
SteeringAngle no  
SuspensionDisplacementLeftFront no  
SuspensionDisplacementLeftRear no  
SuspensionDisplacementRightFront no  
SuspensionDisplacementRightRear no  
SystemBackupPowerEnabled no  
SystemBackupPowerMode no  
SystemPowerMode no  
TimeStamp no (the numerical value is seconds since start of video, but the print conversion adds StartTime to provide a date/time value. Extracted as GPSDateTime if requested)
TractionControlActive no  
TransOilTemp no  
TransportStorageMode no  
ValetMode no  
VehicleStabilityActive no  
VerticalAcceleration no  
WheelspeedLeftDriven no  
WheelspeedLeftNon-Driven no  
WheelspeedRightDriven no  
WheelspeedRightNon-Driven no  
YawRate no  

GM mrld Tags

The Marlin dictionary. Only one channel is listed but all available channels are extracted. Use the -struct (API Struct) option to extract the channel information as structures.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
Channel01 struct --> GM Channel Struct
Channel01Description no_ (channel description)
Channel01DispMax no_ (displayed value maximum)
Channel01DispMin no_ (displayed value minimum)
Channel01Flags no_ (channel flags)
Channel01ID no_ (channel ID number)
Channel01Interval no_ (measurement interval)
Channel01Max no_ (raw value maximum)
Channel01Min no_ (raw value minimum)
Channel01Multiplier no_ (multiplier for raw value)
Channel01Name no_ (channel name)
Channel01Num no_ (units ID number)
Channel01Offset no_ (offset for scaled value)
Channel01Type no_ (measurement type)
Channel01Units no_ (units string)

GM Channel Struct

Information stored for each channel in the Marlin dictionary.

Field Name WritableValues / Notes
ID no (channel ID number)
Type no (measurement type)
Num no (units ID number)
Units no (units string)
Flags no (channel flags)
Interval no (measurement interval)
Min no (raw value minimum)
Max no (raw value maximum)
DispMin no (displayed value minimum)
DispMax no (displayed value maximum)
Multiplier no (multiplier for raw value)
Offset no (offset for scaled value)
Name no (channel name)
Description no (channel description)

GM mrlh Tags

The Marlin PDR header.

Index1Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
0 MarlinDataVersion no  

GM mrlv Tags

Tags found in the 'mrlv' (Marlin values) box.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'date' Date1 no  
'lang' Language no  
'ldat' Date2 no  
'ltim' Time2 no  
'swvs' SoftwareVersion no  
'time' Time1 no  
'tstm' StartTime no  
'unit' Units no 'usim' = U.S. Imperial
'zone' TimeZone no  

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Last revised Apr 18, 2024

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