Kodak Tags

Many Kodak models don't store the maker notes in standard IFD format, and these formats vary with different models. Some information has been decoded, but much of the Kodak information remains unknown.

The table below contains the most common set of Kodak tags. The following Kodak camera models have been tested and found to use these tags: C360, C663, C875, CX6330, CX6445, CX7330, CX7430, CX7525, CX7530, DC4800, DC4900, DX3500, DX3600, DX3900, DX4330, DX4530, DX4900, DX6340, DX6440, DX6490, DX7440, DX7590, DX7630, EasyShare-One, LS420, LS443, LS633, LS743, LS753, V530, V550, V570, V603, V610, V705, Z650, Z700, Z710, Z730, Z740, Z760 and Z7590.

Index1Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
0 KodakModel string[8]  
9 Quality int8u 1 = Fine
2 = Normal
10 BurstMode int8u 0 = Off
1 = On
12 KodakImageWidth int16u  
14 KodakImageHeight int16u  
16 YearCreated int16u  
18 MonthDayCreated int8u[2]  
20 TimeCreated int8u[4]  
24 BurstMode2? int16u  
27 ShutterMode int8u 0 = Auto
8 = Aperture Priority
32 = Manual?
28 MeteringMode int8u 0 = Multi-segment
1 = Center-weighted average
2 = Spot
29 SequenceNumber int8u  
30 FNumber int16u  
32 ExposureTime int32u  
36 ExposureCompensation int16s  
38 VariousModes? int16u  
40 Distance1? int32u  
44 Distance2? int32u  
48 Distance3? int32u  
52 Distance4? int32u  
56 FocusMode int8u 0 = Normal
2 = Macro
58 VariousModes2? int16u  
60 PanoramaMode? int16u  
62 SubjectDistance? int16u  
64 WhiteBalance int8u 0 = Auto
1 = Flash?
2 = Tungsten
3 = Daylight
92 FlashMode int8u
0x0 = Auto
0x1 = Fill Flash
0x2 = Off
0x3 = Red-Eye
   0x10 = Fill Flash
0x20 = Off
0x40 = Red-Eye?
93 FlashFired int8u 0 = No
1 = Yes
94 ISOSetting int16u  
96 ISO int16u  
98 TotalZoom int16u  
100 DateTimeStamp int16u  
102 ColorMode int16u
0x1 = B&W
0x2 = Sepia
0x3 = B&W Yellow Filter
0x4 = B&W Red Filter
0x20 = Saturated Color
   0x40 = Neutral Color
0x100 = Saturated Color
0x200 = Neutral Color
0x2000 = B&W
0x4000 = Sepia
104 DigitalZoom int16u  
107 Sharpness int8s 0 = Normal

Kodak IFD Tags

These tags are found in a separate IFD of JPEG, TIFF, DCR and KDC images from some older Kodak models such as the DC50, DC120, DCS760C, DCS Pro 14N, 14nx, SLR/n, Pro Back and Canon EOS D2000.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0x0000 KodakVersion int8u[4]  
0x0001 UnknownEV? rational64u  
0x0003 ExposureValue rational64u  
0x03e9 OriginalFileName string  
0x03ea KodakTag int32u  
0x03eb SensorLeftBorder int16u  
0x03ec SensorTopBorder int16u  
0x03ed SensorImageWidth int16u  
0x03ee SensorImageHeight int16u  
0x03ef BlackLevelTop int16u  
0x03f0 BlackLevelBottom int16u  
0x03f1 TextualInfo - --> Kodak TextualInfo Tags
0x03f2 FlashMode? int16u  
0x03f3 FlashCompensation rational64s  
0x03f4 WindMode? int16u  
0x03f5 FocusMode? int16u  
0x03f8 MinAperture rational64u  
0x03f9 MaxAperture rational64u  
0x03fa WhiteBalanceMode? int16u  
0x03fb WhiteBalanceDetected? int16u  
0x03fc WhiteBalance int16u  
0x03fd Processing
--> Kodak Processing Tags
0x03fe ImageAbsoluteX int16s  
0x03ff ImageAbsoluteY int16s  
0x0400 ApplicationKeyString string  
0x0401 Time string  
0x0402 GPSString string  
0x0403 EventLogCapture? no  
0x0404 ComponentTable? no  
0x0405 CustomIlluminant? int16u  
0x0406 CameraTemperature
0x0407 AdapterVoltage rational64u  
0x0408 BatteryVoltage rational64u  
0x0409 DacVoltages no  
0x040a IlluminantDetectorData? no  
0x040b PixelClockFrequency int32u  
0x040c CenterPixel int16u[3]  
0x040d BurstCount int16u  
0x040e BlackLevelRough int16u  
0x040f OffsetMapHorizontal? no  
0x0410 OffsetMapVertical? no  
0x0411 Histogram? no  
0x0412 VerticalClockOverlaps int16u[2]  
0x0413 SensorTemperature no  
0x0414 XilinxVersion string  
0x0415 FirmwareVersion int32u  
0x0416 BlackLevelRoughAfter int16u  
0x0417 BrightRowsTop no  
0x0418 EventLogProcess no  
0x0419 DacVoltagesFlush no  
0x041a FlashUsed no  
0x041b FlashType no  
0x041c SelfTimer no  
0x041d AFMode no  
0x041e LensType no  
0x041f ImageCropX int16s  
0x0420 ImageCropY int16s  
0x0421 AdjustedTbnImageWidth no  
0x0422 AdjustedTbnImageHeight no  
0x0423 IntegrationTime int32u  
0x0424 BracketingMode no  
0x0425 BracketingStep no  
0x0426 BracketingCounter no  
0x042e HuffmanTableLength no  
0x042f HuffmanTableValue no  
0x0438 MainBoardVersion int32u  
0x0439 ImagerBoardVersion int32u  
0x044c FocusEdgeMap no  
0x05e6 IdleTiming no  
0x05e7 FlushTiming no  
0x05e8 IntegrateTiming no  
0x05e9 RegisterReadTiming no  
0x05ea FirstLineTransferTiming no  
0x05eb ShiftTiming no  
0x05ec NormalLineTransferTiming no  
0x05ed TestTransferTiming no  
0x05fa MinimumFlushRows no  
0x05fd ImagerPowerOnDelayMsec int32u  
0x05fe ImagerInitialTimingCode no  
0x05ff ImagerLogicProgram no  
0x0600 ImagerBiasSettlingDelayMsec int32u  
0x0604 IdleSequence no  
0x0605 FirstFlushSequence no  
0x0606 FinalFlushSequence no  
0x0607 SampleBlackSequence no  
0x0608 TransferSequence no  
0x060e DacCountsPerVolt no  
0x060f BlackDacChannel no  
0x0610 BlackAdCountsPerDacVolt no  
0x0611 BlackTarget no  
0x0612 BlackDacSettlingMsec no  
0x07d0 StandardMatrixDaylight rational64s[9]  
0x07d1 StandardMatrixTungsten rational64s[9]  
0x07d2 StandardMatrixFluorescent rational64s[9]  
0x07d3 StandardMatrixFlash rational64s[9]  
0x07d4 StandardMatrixCustom rational64s[9]  
0x07da DeviantMatrixDaylight rational64s[9]  
0x07db DeviantMatrixTungsten rational64s[9]  
0x07dc DeviantMatrixFluorescent rational64s[9]  
0x07dd DeviantMatrixFlash rational64s[9]  
0x07de DeviantMatrixCustom rational64s[9]  
0x07e4 UniqueMatrixDaylight rational64s[9]  
0x07e5 UniqueMatrixTungsten rational64s[9]  
0x07e6 UniqueMatrixFluorescent rational64s[9]  
0x07e7 UniqueMatrixFlash rational64s[9]  
0x07e8 UniqueMatrixCustom rational64s[9]  
0x07e9 UniqueMatrixAuto rational64s[9]  
0x0834 StandardWhiteDaylight rational64s[3]  
0x0835 StandardWhiteTungsten rational64s[3]  
0x0836 StandardWhiteFluorescent rational64s[3]  
0x0837 StandardWhiteFlash rational64s[3]  
0x0838 StandardWhiteCustom rational64s[3]  
0x083e DeviantWhiteDaylight rational64s[3]  
0x083f DeviantWhiteTungsten rational64s[3]  
0x0840 DeviantWhiteFluorescent rational64s[3]  
0x0841 DeviantWhiteFlash rational64s[3]  
0x0842 DeviantWhiteCustom rational64s[3]  
0x0846 ColorTemperature int16u  
0x0847 WB_RGBLevelsAsShot no  
0x0848 WB_RGBLevelsDaylight no  
0x0849 WB_RGBLevelsTungsten no  
0x084a WB_RGBLevelsFluorescent no  
0x084b WB_RGBLevelsFlash no  
0x084c WB_RGBLevelsCustom no  
0x084d WB_RGBLevelsAuto no  
0x0852 WB_RGBMulDaylight rational64u[3]  
0x0853 WB_RGBMulTungsten rational64u[3]  
0x0854 WB_RGBMulFluorescent rational64u[3]  
0x0855 WB_RGBMulFlash rational64u[3]  
0x085c WB_RGBCoeffsDaylight no  
0x085d WB_RGBCoeffsTungsten no  
0x085e WB_RGBCoeffsFluorescent no  
0x085f WB_RGBCoeffsFlash no  
0x0898 ExposureGainDaylight rational64s  
0x0899 ExposureGainTungsten rational64s  
0x089a ExposureGainFluorescent rational64s  
0x089b ExposureGainFlash rational64s  
0x089c ExposureGainCustom rational64s  
0x089d AnalogISOTable rational64u[3]  
0x089e AnalogCaptureISO int32u  
0x089f ISOCalibrationGain rational64u  
0x08a0 ISOCalibrationGainTable no  
0x08a1 ExposureHeadroomFactor no  
0x08ab LinearitySplineTags no  
0x08fc MonitorMatrix rational64s[9]  
0x08fd TonScaleTable no  
0x08fe Gamma rational64u  
0x08ff LogLinTable no  
0x0900 LinLogTable no  
0x0901 GammaTable no  
0x0902 LogScale rational64u  
0x0903 BaseISO rational64u  
0x0904 LinLogCoring int16u  
0x0905 PatternGainConversionTable no  
0x0906 DefectCount no  
0x0907 DefectList no  
0x0908 DefectListPacked no  
0x0909 ImageSpace int16u  
0x090a ThumbnailCompressionTable no  
0x090b ThumbnailExpansionTable no  
0x090c ImageCompressionTable no  
0x090d ImageExpansionTable no  
0x090e EighteenPercentPoint no  
0x090f DefectIsoCode int16u  
0x0910 BaseISODaylight rational64u  
0x0911 BaseISOTungsten rational64u  
0x0912 BaseISOFluorescent rational64u  
0x0913 BaseISOFlash rational64u  
0x091a MatrixSelectThreshold int16s  
0x091b MatrixSelectK rational64u  
0x091c IlluminantDetectTable no  
0x091d RGTable no  
0x091e MatrixSelectThreshold1 int16s  
0x091f MatrixSelectThreshold2 int16s  
0x0924 PortraitMatrix no  
0x0925 PortraitToneScaleTable no  
0x092e EnableSharpening int16u  
0x092f SharpeningKernel int16s[25]  
0x0930 EdgeMapSlope int16u  
0x0931 EdgeMapX1 int16u  
0x0932 EdgeMapX2 int16u  
0x0933 KernelDenominators int16u[3]  
0x0934 EdgeMapX3 int16u  
0x0935 EdgeMapX4 int16u  
0x0936 SharpenForThumbnail no  
0x0937 EdgeSpline no  
0x0938 DownSampleBy2Hor no  
0x0939 DownSampleBy2Ver no  
0x093a DownSampleBy4Hor no  
0x093b DownSampleBy4Ver no  
0x093c DownSampleBy3Hor no  
0x093d DownSampleBy3Ver no  
0x093e DownSampleBy6Hor no  
0x093f DownSampleBy6Ver no  
0x0940 DownSampleBy2Hor3MPdcr no  
0x0941 DownSampleBy2Ver3MPdcr no  
0x0942 ThumbnailResizeRatio no  
0x0943 AtCaptureUserCrop int32u[4]  
0x0944 ImageResolution int32u  
0x0945 ImageResolutionJpg int32u  
0x094c USMParametersLow no  
0x094d USMParametersMed no  
0x094e USMParametersHigh no  
0x094f USMParametersHost no  
0x0950 EdgeSplineLow no  
0x0951 EdgeSplineMed no  
0x0952 EdgeSplineHigh no  
0x0953 USMParametersHost6MP no  
0x0954 USMParametersHost3MP no  
0x0960 PatternImagerWidth int16u  
0x0961 PatternImagerHeight int16u  
0x0962 PatternAreaWidth int16u  
0x0963 PatternAreaHeight int16u  
0x0964 PatternCorrectionGains no  
0x0965 PatternCorrectionOffsets no  
0x0966 PatternX int16u  
0x0967 PatternY int16u  
0x0968 PatternCorrectionFactors no  
0x0969 PatternCorrectionFactorScale int16u  
0x096a PatternCropRows1 int16u  
0x096b PatternCropRows2 int16u  
0x096c PatternCropCols1 int16u  
0x096d PatternCropCols2 int16u  
0x096e PixelCorrectionGains no  
0x096f StitchRows no  
0x0970 StitchColumns no  
0x0971 PixelCorrectionScale int16u  
0x0972 PixelCorrectionOffset int16u  
0x0988 LensTableIndex no  
0x0992 DiffTileGains602832 no  
0x0993 DiffTileGains24t852822 no  
0x099c TileGainDeterminationTable no  
0x099d NemoBlurKernel no  
0x099e NemoTileSize no  
0x099f NemoGainFactors no  
0x09a0 NemoDarkLimit no  
0x09a1 NemoHighlight12Limit no  
0x09c4 ImagerFileProductionLevel int16u  
0x09c5 ImagerFileDateCreated int32u  
0x09c6 CalibrationVersion string  
0x09c7 ImagerFileTagsVersionStandard int16u  
0x09c8 IFCameraModel string  
0x09c9 CalibrationHistory string  
0x09ca CalibrationLog no  
0x09ce SensorSerialNumber string  
0x09f6 DefectConcealArtCorrectThres no  
0x09f7 SglColDCACThres1 no  
0x09f8 SglColDCACThres2 no  
0x09f9 SglColDCACTHres3 no  
0x0a01 DblColDCACThres1 no  
0x0a02 DblColDCACThres2 no  
0x0a0a DefectConcealThresTable no  
0x0a28 MonoUniqueMatrix no  
0x0a29 MonoMonitorMatrix no  
0x0a2a MonoToneScaleTable no  
0x0a5a OmenInitialScaling no  
0x0a5b OmenInitialRows no  
0x0a5c OmenInitialColumns no  
0x0a5d OmenInitialIPFStrength int32s[4]  
0x0a5e OmenEarlyStrength int32s[4]  
0x0a5f OmenAutoStrength int32s[4]  
0x0a60 OmenAtCaptureStrength int32s[4]  
0x0a61 OmenAtCaptureMode no  
0x0a62 OmenFocalLengthLimit int16s  
0x0a64 OmenSurfaceIndex int16s  
0x0a65 OmenPercentToRationalLimitsRed no  
0x0a66 OmenPercentToRationalLimitsGoR no  
0x0a67 OmenPercentToRationalLimitsBlue no  
0x0a68 OmenPercentToRationalLimitsGoB no  
0x0a6e OmenEarlyGoBSurface no  
0x0a6f OmenEarlyGoBRows no  
0x0a70 OmenEarlyGoBColumns no  
0x0a73 OmenSmoothingKernel no  
0x0a74 OmenGradientOffset no  
0x0a75 OmenGradientKernel no  
0x0a76 OmenGradientKernelTaps no  
0x0a77 OmenRatioClipFactors no  
0x0a78 OmenRatioExclusionFactors no  
0x0a79 OmenGradientExclusionLimits no  
0x0a7a OmenROICoordinates no  
0x0a7b OmenROICoefficients no  
0x0a7c OmenRangeWeighting no  
0x0a7d OmenMeanToStrength no  
0x0bb8 FactoryWhiteGainsDaylight no  
0x0bb9 FactoryWhiteOffsetsDaylight no  
0x0bba DacGainsCoarse no  
0x0bbb DacGainsFine no  
0x0bbc DigitalExposureGains no  
0x0bbd DigitalExposureBiases no  
0x0bbe BlackClamp no  
0x0bbf ChannelCoarseGainAdjust no  
0x0bc0 BlackClampOffset no  
0x0bf4 DMPixelThresholdFactor no  
0x0bf5 DMWindowThresholdFactor no  
0x0bf6 DMTrimFraction no  
0x0bf7 DMSmoothRejThresh no  
0x0bf8 DMFillRejThresh no  
0x0bf9 VMWsize no  
0x0bfa DMErodeRadius no  
0x0bfb DMNumPatches no  
0x0bfc DMNoiseScale no  
0x0bfe BrightDefectThreshold no  
0x0bff BrightDefectIntegrationMS no  
0x0c00 BrightDefectIsoCode no  
0x0c03 TopDarkRow1 no  
0x0c04 TopDarkRow2 no  
0x0c05 BottomDarkRow1 no  
0x0c06 BottomDarkRow2 no  
0x0c07 LeftDarkCol1 no  
0x0c08 LeftDarkCol2 no  
0x0c09 RightDarkCol1 no  
0x0c0a RightDarkCol2 no  
0x0c0b HMPixThresh no  
0x0c0c HMColThresh no  
0x0c0d HMWsize no  
0x0c0e HMColRejThresh no  
0x0c0f VMPixThresh no  
0x0c10 VMColThresh no  
0x0c11 VMNbands no  
0x0c12 VMColDropThresh no  
0x0c13 VMPatchResLimit no  
0x0c14 MapScale no  
0x0c1c Klut no  
0x0c1d RimNonlinearity no  
0x0c1e InverseRimNonlinearity no  
0x0c1f RembrandtToneScale no  
0x0c20 RimToNifColorTransform no  
0x0c21 RimToNifScaleFactor no  
0x0c22 NifNonlinearity no  
0x0c23 SBALogTransform no  
0x0c24 InverseSBALogTransform no  
0x0c25 SBABlack int16u  
0x0c26 SBAGray int16u  
0x0c27 SBAWhite int16u  
0x0c28 GaussianWeights no  
0x0c29 SfsBoundary no  
0x0c2a CoringTableBest no  
0x0c2b CoringTableBetter no  
0x0c2c CoringTableGood no  
0x0c2d ExposureReferenceGain no  
0x0c2e ExposureReferenceOffset no  
0x0c2f SBARedBalanceLut no  
0x0c30 SBAGreenBalanceLut no  
0x0c31 SBABlueBalanceLut no  
0x0c32 SBANeutralBAL int32s  
0x0c33 SBAGreenMagentaBAL int32s  
0x0c34 SBAIlluminantBAL int32s  
0x0c35 SBAAnalysisComplete int8u  
0x0c36 JPEGQTableBest no  
0x0c37 JPEGQTableBetter no  
0x0c38 JPEGQTableGood no  
0x0c39 RembrandtPortraitToneScale no  
0x0c3a RembrandtConsumerToneScale no  
0x0c3b CFAGreenThreshold1 no  
0x0c3c CFAGreenThreshold2 no  
0x0c3d QTableLarge50Pct no  
0x0c3e QTableLarge67Pct no  
0x0c3f QTableLarge100Pct no  
0x0c40 QTableMedium50Pct no  
0x0c41 QTableMedium67Pct no  
0x0c42 QTableMedium100Pct no  
0x0c43 QTableSmall50Pct no  
0x0c44 QTableSmall67Pct no  
0x0c45 QTableSmall100Pct no  
0x0c46 SBAHighGray int16u  
0x0c47 SBALowGray int16u  
0x0c48 CaptureLook int16u  
0x0c49 SBAIllOffset int16s  
0x0c4a SBAGmOffset int16s  
0x0c4b NifNonlinearity12Bit no  
0x0c4c SharpeningOn no  
0x0c4d NifNonlinearity16Bit no  
0x0c4e RawHistogram no  
0x0c4f RawCFAComponentAverages no  
0x0c50 DisableFlagsPresent no  
0x0c51 DelayCols no  
0x0c52 DummyColsLeft no  
0x0c53 TrashColsRight no  
0x0c54 BlackColsRight no  
0x0c55 DummyColsRight no  
0x0c56 OverClockColsRight no  
0x0c57 UnusedBlackRowsTopOut no  
0x0c58 TrashRowsBottom no  
0x0c59 BlackRowsBottom no  
0x0c5a OverClockRowsBottom no  
0x0c5b BlackColsLeft no  
0x0c5c BlackRowsTop no  
0x0c5d PartialActiveColsLeft no  
0x0c5e PartialActiveColsRight no  
0x0c5f PartialActiveRowsTop no  
0x0c60 PartialActiveRowsBottom no  
0x0c61 ProcessBorderColsLeft int16u  
0x0c62 ProcessBorderColsRight int16u  
0x0c63 ProcessBorderRowsTop int16u  
0x0c64 ProcessBorderRowsBottom int16u  
0x0c65 ActiveCols no  
0x0c66 ActiveRows no  
0x0c67 FirstLines no  
0x0c68 UnusedBlackRowsTopIn no  
0x0c69 UnusedBlackRowsBottomIn no  
0x0c6a UnusedBlackRowsBottomOut no  
0x0c6b UnusedBlackColsLeftOut no  
0x0c6c UnusedBlackColsLeftIn no  
0x0c6d UnusedBlackColsRightIn no  
0x0c6e UnusedBlackColsRightOut no  
0x0c6f CFAOffsetRows int32u  
0x0c70 ShiftCols int16s  
0x0c71 CFAOffsetCols int32u  
0x0c76 DarkMapScale no  
0x0c77 HMapHandling no  
0x0c78 VMapHandling no  
0x0c79 DarkThreshold no  
0x0c7a DMDitherMatrix int16u  
0x0c7b DMDitherMatrixWidth int16u  
0x0c7c DMDitherMatrixHeight int16u  
0x0c7d MaxPixelValueThreshold int16u  
0x0c7e HoleFillDeltaThreshold int16u  
0x0c7f DarkPedestal int16u  
0x0c80 ImageProcessingFileTagsVersionNumber int16u  
0x0c81 ImageProcessingFileDateCreated string  
0x0c82 DoublingMicrovolts int32s  
0x0c83 DarkFrameShortExposure int32u  
0x0c84 DarkFrameLongExposure int32u  
0x0c85 DarkFrameCountFactor rational64u  
0x0c88 HoleFillDarkDeltaThreshold int16u  
0x0c89 FarkleWhiteThreshold no  
0x0c8a ColumnResetOffsets no  
0x0c8b ColumnGainFactors no  
0x0c8c Channel0LagKernel no  
0x0c8d Channel1LagKernel no  
0x0c8e Channel2LagKernel no  
0x0c8f Channel3LagKernel no  
0x0c90 BluegrassTable no  
0x0c91 BluegrassScale1 no  
0x0c92 BluegrassScale2 no  
0x0ce4 FinishedFileProcessingRequest no  
0x0ce5 FirmwareVersion string  
0x0ce6 HostSoftwareExportVersion no  
0x0ce7 HostSoftwareRendering int32u 0 = Normal (sRGB)
1 = Linear (camera RGB)
2 = Pro Photo RGB
3 = Unknown
4 = Other Profile
0x0dac DCS3XXProcessingInfoIFD no  
0x0dad DCS3XXProcessingInfo no  
0x0dae IPAVersion int32u  
0x0db6 FinishIPAVersion no  
0x0db7 FinishIPFVersion no  
0x0db8 FinishFileType int32u 0 = JPEG Best
1 = JPEG Better
2 = JPEG Good
0x0db9 FinishResolution int32u 0 = 100%
1 = 67%
2 = 50%
3 = 25%
0x0dba FinishNoise int32u 0 = Normal
1 = Strong
2 = Low
0x0dbb FinishSharpening int32u 0 = None
1 = High
2 = Medium
3 = Low
0x0dbc FinishLook int32u
0 = Product
1 = Portrait
2 = Product Reduced
3 = Portrait Reduced
4 = Monochrome Product
5 = Monochrome Portrait
6 = Wedding
7 = Event
8 = Product Hi Color
9 = Portrait Hi Color
10 = Product Hi Color Hold
11 = Portrait Hi Color Hold
13 = DCS BW Normal
14 = DCS BW Wratten 8
15 = DCS BW Wratten 25
16 = DCS Sepia 1
17 = DCS Sepia 2
0x0dbd FinishExposure int32u 0 = Yes
1 = No
0x0e0b SigmaScalingFactorLowRes rational64u  
0x0e0c SigmaScalingFactorCamera rational64u  
0x0e0d SigmaImpulseParameters int16u[n]  
0x0e0e SigmaNoiseThreshTableV2 no  
0x0e0f SigmaSizeTable int16u[n]  
0x0e10 DacGainsCoarseAdjPreIF41 no  
0x0e11 SigmaNoiseFilterCalTableV1 no  
0x0e12 SigmaNoiseFilterTableV1 no  
0x0e13 Lin12ToKlut8 no  
0x0e14 SigmaNoiseFilterTableV1Version no  
0x0e15 Lin12ToKlut12 no  
0x0e16 Klut12ToLin12 no  
0x0e17 NifNonlinearity12To16 no  
0x0e18 SBALog12Transform no  
0x0e19 InverseSBALog12Transform no  
0x0e1a ToneScale0 no  
0x0e1b ToneScale1 no  
0x0e1c ToneScale2 no  
0x0e1d ToneScale3 no  
0x0e1e ToneScale4 no  
0x0e1f ToneScale5 no  
0x0e20 ToneScale6 no  
0x0e21 ToneScale7 no  
0x0e22 ToneScale8 no  
0x0e23 ToneScale9 no  
0x0e24 DayMat0 no  
0x0e25 DayMat1 no  
0x0e26 DayMat2 no  
0x0e27 DayMat3 no  
0x0e28 DayMat4 no  
0x0e29 DayMat5 no  
0x0e2a DayMat6 no  
0x0e2b DayMat7 no  
0x0e2c DayMat8 no  
0x0e2d DayMat9 no  
0x0e2e TungMat0 no  
0x0e2f TungMat1 no  
0x0e30 TungMat2 no  
0x0e31 TungMat3 no  
0x0e32 TungMat4 no  
0x0e33 TungMat5 no  
0x0e34 TungMat6 no  
0x0e35 TungMat7 no  
0x0e36 TungMat8 no  
0x0e37 TungMat9 no  
0x0e38 FluorMat0 no  
0x0e39 FluorMat1 no  
0x0e3a FluorMat2 no  
0x0e3b FluorMat3 no  
0x0e3c FluorMat4 no  
0x0e3d FluorMat5 no  
0x0e3e FluorMat6 no  
0x0e3f FluorMat7 no  
0x0e40 FluorMat8 no  
0x0e41 FluorMat9 no  
0x0e42 FlashMat0 no  
0x0e43 FlashMat1 no  
0x0e44 FlashMat2 no  
0x0e45 FlashMat3 no  
0x0e46 FlashMat4 no  
0x0e47 FlashMat5 no  
0x0e48 FlashMat6 no  
0x0e49 FlashMat7 no  
0x0e4a FlashMat8 no  
0x0e4b FlashMat9 no  
0x0e4c KodakLook string  
0x0e4d IPFCameraModel string  
0x0e4e AH2GreenInterpolationThreshold int16u  
0x0e4f ResamplingKernelDenominators067 int16u[3]  
0x0e50 ResamplingKernelDenominators050 int16u[3]  
0x0e51 ResamplingKernelDenominators100 int16u[3]  
0x0e56 LookMat0 no  
0x0e57 LookMat1 no  
0x0e58 LookMat2 no  
0x0e59 LookMat3 no  
0x0e5a LookMat4 no  
0x0e5b LookMat5 no  
0x0e5c LookMat6 no  
0x0e5d LookMat7 no  
0x0e5e LookMat8 no  
0x0e5f LookMat9 no  
0x0e60 CFAInterpolationAlgorithm int16u 0 = AH2
1 = Karnak
0x0e61 CFAInterpolationMetric int16u 0 = Linear12
1 = KLUT12
0x0e62 CFAZipperFixThreshold int16u  
0x0e63 NoiseReductionParametersKhufuRGB int16u[9]  
0x0e64 NoiseReductionParametersKhufu6MP int16u[9]  
0x0e65 NoiseReductionParametersKhufu3MP int16u[9]  
0x0e6a ChromaNoiseHighFThresh int32u[2]  
0x0e6b ChromaNoiseLowFThresh int32u[2]  
0x0e6c ChromaNoiseEdgeMapThresh int32u  
0x0e6d ChromaNoiseColorSpace int32u  
0x0e6e EnableChromaNoiseReduction int16u  
0x0e6f NoiseReductionParametersHostRGB int16u[9]  
0x0e70 NoiseReductionParametersHost6MP int16u[9]  
0x0e71 NoiseReductionParametersHost3MP int16u[9]  
0x0e72 NoiseReductionParametersCamera int16u[6]  
0x0e73 NoiseReductionParametersAtCapture int16u[6]  
0x0e74 LCDMatrix rational64s[9]  
0x0e75 LCDMatrixChickFix rational64s[9]  
0x0e76 LCDMatrixMarvin rational64s[9]  
0x0e7c LCDGammaTableChickFix no  
0x0e7d LCDGammaTableMarvin no  
0x0e7e LCDGammaTable no  
0x0e7f LCDSharpeningF1 no  
0x0e80 LCDSharpeningF2 no  
0x0e81 LCDSharpeningF3 no  
0x0e82 LCDSharpeningF4 no  
0x0e83 LCDEdgeMapX1 no  
0x0e84 LCDEdgeMapX2 no  
0x0e85 LCDEdgeMapX3 no  
0x0e86 LCDEdgeMapX4 no  
0x0e87 LCDEdgeMapSlope no  
0x0e88 YCrCbMatrix no  
0x0e89 LCDEdgeSpline no  
0x0e92 Fac18Per int16u  
0x0e93 Fac170Per int16u  
0x0e94 Fac100Per int16u  
0x0e9b ExtraTickLocations no  
0x0e9c RGBtoeV0 no  
0x0e9d RGBtoeV1 no  
0x0e9e RGBtoeV2 no  
0x0e9f RGBtoeV3 no  
0x0ea0 RGBtoeV4 no  
0x0ea1 RGBtoeV5 no  
0x0ea2 RGBtoeV6 no  
0x0ea3 RGBtoeV7 no  
0x0ea4 RGBtoeV8 no  
0x0ea5 RGBtoeV9 no  
0x0ea6 LCDHistLUT0 no  
0x0ea7 LCDHistLUT1 no  
0x0ea8 LCDHistLUT2 no  
0x0ea9 LCDHistLUT3 no  
0x0eaa LCDHistLUT4 no  
0x0eab LCDHistLUT5 no  
0x0eac LCDHistLUT6 no  
0x0ead LCDHistLUT7 no  
0x0eae LCDHistLUT8 no  
0x0eaf LCDHistLUT9 no  
0x0eb0 LCDLinearClipValue no  
0x0ece LCDStepYvalues no  
0x0ecf LCDStepYvaluesChickFix no  
0x0ed0 LCDStepYvaluesMarvin no  
0x0ed8 InterpolationCoefficients no  
0x0ed9 InterpolationCoefficients6MP no  
0x0eda InterpolationCoefficients3MP no  
0x0f00 NoiseReductionParametersHostNormal no  
0x0f01 NoiseReductionParametersHostStrong no  
0x0f02 NoiseReductionParametersHostLow no  
0x0f0a MariahTextureThreshold int16u  
0x0f0b MariahMapLoThreshold int16u  
0x0f0c MariahMapHiThreshold int16u  
0x0f0d MariahChromaBlurSize int16u  
0x0f0e MariahSigmaThreshold int16u  
0x0f0f MariahThresholds no  
0x0f10 MariahThresholdsNormal no  
0x0f11 MariahThresholdsStrong no  
0x0f12 MariahThresholdsLow no  
0x0f14 KhufuLinearRedMixingCoefficient no  
0x0f15 KhufuLinearGreenMixingCoefficient no  
0x0f16 KhufuLinearBlueMixingCoefficient no  
0x0f17 KhufuUSpaceC2MixingCoefficient no  
0x0f18 KhufuSigmaGaussianWeights no  
0x0f19 KhufuSigmaScalingFactors6MP no  
0x0f1a KhufuSigmaScalingFactors3MP no  
0x0f1b KhufuSigmaScalingFactors14MP no  
0x0f32 KhufuI0Thresholds no  
0x0f33 KhufuI1Thresholds no  
0x0f34 KhufuI2Thresholds no  
0x0f35 KhufuI3Thresholds no  
0x0f36 KhufuI4Thresholds no  
0x0f37 KhufuI5Thresholds no  
0x0f3c CondadoDayBVThresh int16u  
0x0f3d CondadoNeuRange int16u  
0x0f3e CondadoBVFactor int16s  
0x0f3f CondadoIllFactor int16s  
0x0f40 CondadoTunThresh int16s  
0x0f41 CondadoFluThresh int16s  
0x0f42 CondadoDayOffsets int16s[2]  
0x0f43 CondadoTunOffsets int16s[2]  
0x0f44 CondadoFluOffsets int16s[2]  
0x0f5a ERIMMToCRGB0Spline no  
0x0f5b ERIMMToCRGB1Spline no  
0x0f5c ERIMMToCRGB2Spline no  
0x0f5d ERIMMToCRGB3Spline no  
0x0f5e ERIMMToCRGB4Spline no  
0x0f5f ERIMMToCRGB5Spline no  
0x0f60 ERIMMToCRGB6Spline no  
0x0f61 ERIMMToCRGB7Spline no  
0x0f62 ERIMMToCRGB8Spline no  
0x0f63 ERIMMToCRGB9Spline no  
0x0f64 CRGBToERIMM0Spline no  
0x0f65 CRGBToERIMM1Spline no  
0x0f66 CRGBToERIMM2Spline no  
0x0f67 CRGBToERIMM3Spline no  
0x0f68 CRGBToERIMM4Spline no  
0x0f69 CRGBToERIMM5Spline no  
0x0f6a CRGBToERIMM6Spline no  
0x0f6b CRGBToERIMM7Spline no  
0x0f6c CRGBToERIMM8Spline no  
0x0f6d CRGBToERIMM9Spline no  
0x0f6e ERIMMNonLinearitySpline no  
0x0f6f Delta12To8Spline no  
0x0f70 Delta8To12Spline no  
0x0f71 InverseMonitorMatrix no  
0x0f72 NifNonlinearityExt no  
0x0f73 InvNifNonLinearity no  
0x0f74 RIMM13ToERIMM12Spline no  
0x0f78 ToneScale0Spline no  
0x0f79 ToneScale1Spline no  
0x0f7a ToneScale2Spline no  
0x0f7b ToneScale3Spline no  
0x0f7c ToneScale4Spline no  
0x0f7d ToneScale5Spline no  
0x0f7e ToneScale6Spline no  
0x0f7f ToneScale7Spline no  
0x0f80 ToneScale8Spline no  
0x0f81 ToneScale9Spline no  
0x0f82 ERIMMToneScale0Spline no  
0x0f83 ERIMMToneScale1Spline no  
0x0f84 ERIMMToneScale2Spline no  
0x0f85 ERIMMToneScale3Spline no  
0x0f86 ERIMMToneScale4Spline no  
0x0f87 ERIMMToneScale5Spline no  
0x0f88 ERIMMToneScale6Spline no  
0x0f89 ERIMMToneScale7Spline no  
0x0f8a ERIMMToneScale8Spline no  
0x0f8b ERIMMToneScale9Spline no  
0x0f8c RIMMToCRGB0Spline no  
0x0f8d RIMMToCRGB1Spline no  
0x0f8e RIMMToCRGB2Spline no  
0x0f8f RIMMToCRGB3Spline no  
0x0f90 RIMMToCRGB4Spline no  
0x0f91 RIMMToCRGB5Spline no  
0x0f92 RIMMToCRGB6Spline no  
0x0f93 RIMMToCRGB7Spline no  
0x0f94 RIMMToCRGB8Spline no  
0x0f95 RIMMToCRGB9Spline no  
0x0fa0 QTableLarge25Pct no  
0x0fa1 QTableMedium25Pct no  
0x0fa2 QTableSmall25Pct no  
0x1130 NoiseReductionKernel no  
0x1388 UserMetaData no  
0x1389 InputProfile undef  
0x138a KodakLookProfile undef  
0x138b OutputProfile undef  
0x1390 SourceProfilePrefix string  
0x1391 ToneCurveProfileName string  
0x1392 InputProfile - --> ICC_Profile Tags
0x1393 ProcessParametersV2 no  
0x1394 ReservedBlob2 no  
0x1395 ReservedBlob3 no  
0x1396 ReservedBlob4 no  
0x1397 ReservedBlob5 no  
0x1398 ReservedBlob6 no  
0x1399 ReservedBlob7 no  
0x139a ReservedBlob8 no  
0x139b ReservedBlob9 no  
0x1770 ScriptVersion int32u  
0x177a ImagerTimingData no  
0x1784 ISO int32u  
0x17a2 Scav11Cols no  
0x17a3 Scav12Cols no  
0x17a4 Scav21Cols no  
0x17a5 Scav22Cols no  
0x17a6 ActiveCTEMonitor1Cols no  
0x17a7 ActiveCTEMonitor2Cols no  
0x17a8 ActiveCTEMonitorRows no  
0x17a9 ActiveBuf1Cols no  
0x17aa ActiveBuf2Cols no  
0x17ab ActiveBuf1Rows no  
0x17ac ActiveBuf2Rows no  
0x17c0 HRNoiseLines no  
0x17c1 RNoiseLines no  
0x17c2 ANoiseLines no  
0x17d4 ImagerCols int16u  
0x17de ImagerRows int16u  
0x17e8 PartialActiveCols1 int32u  
0x17f2 PartialActiveCols2 int32u  
0x17fc PartialActiveRows1 int32u  
0x1806 PartialActiveRows2 int32u  
0x1810 ElectricalBlackColumns int32u  
0x181a ResetBlackSegRows int32u  
0x1838 CaptureWidthNormal int32u  
0x1839 CaptureHeightNormal int32u  
0x183a CaptureWidthResetBlackSegNormal no  
0x183b CaptureHeightResetBlackSegNormal no  
0x183c DarkRefOffsetNormal no  
0x1842 CaptureWidthTest int32u  
0x1843 CaptureHeightTest no  
0x1844 CaptureWidthResetBlackSegTest no  
0x1845 CaptureHeightResetBlackSegTest no  
0x1846 DarkRefOffsetTest no  
0x184c ImageSegmentStartLine int32u  
0x184d ImageSegmentLines int32u  
0x184e SkipLineTime int32u  
0x1860 FastResetLineTime int32u  
0x186a NormalLineTime int32u  
0x1874 MinIntegrationRows int32u  
0x187e PreReadFastResetCount int32u  
0x1888 TransferTimeNormal int32u  
0x1889 TransferTimeTest int32u  
0x188a QuietTime int32u  
0x189c OverClockCols int16u  
0x18a6 H2ResetBlackPixels int32u  
0x18b0 H3ResetBlackPixels int32u  
0x18ba BlackAcquireRows int32u  
0x18c4 OverClockRows int16u  
0x18ce H3ResetBlackColumns int32u  
0x18d8 DarkBlackSegRows int32u  
0x1900 CrossbarEnable no  
0x1901 FifoenOnePixelDelay int32u  
0x1902 ReadoutTypeRequested int32u  
0x1903 ReadoutTypeActual int32u  
0x190a OffsetDacValue int32u  
0x1914 TempAmpGainX100 int32u  
0x191e VarrayDacNominalValues int32u[3]  
0x1928 VddimDacNominalValues no  
0x1964 C14Configuration int32u  
0x196e TDA1Offset int32u[3]  
0x196f TDA1Bandwidth int32u  
0x1970 TDA1Gain int32u[3]  
0x1971 TDA1EdgePolarity int32u  
0x1978 TDA2Offset int32u[3]  
0x1979 TDA2Bandwidth int32u  
0x197a TDA2Gain int32u[3]  
0x197b TDA2EdgePolarity int32u  
0x1982 TDA3Offset int32u[3]  
0x1983 TDA3Bandwidth int32u  
0x1984 TDA3Gain int32u[3]  
0x1985 TDA3EdgePolarity int32u  
0x198c TDA4Offset int32u[3]  
0x198d TDA4Bandwidth int32u  
0x198e TDA4Gain int32u[3]  
0x198f TDA4EdgePolarity int32u  
0xfde8 ComLenBlkSize int16u  

Kodak TextualInfo Tags

Below is a list of tags which have been observed in the Kodak TextualInfo data, however ExifTool will extract information from any tags found here.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'AF Function' AFMode no  
'Actual Compensation' ActualCompensation no  
'Aperture' Aperture no  
'Auto Bracket' AutoBracket no  
'Brightness Value' BrightnessValue no  
'Camera' CameraModel no  
'Camera body' CameraBody no  
'Compensation' ExposureCompensation no  
'Date' Date no  
'Exposure Bias' ExposureBias no  
'Exposure Mode' ExposureMode no 'A' = Aperture Priority
'B' = Bulb
'M' = Manual
'P' = Program
'S' = Shutter Priority
'Firmware Version' FirmwareVersion no  
'Flash Compensation' FlashExposureComp no  
'Flash Fired' FlashFired no  
'Flash Sync Mode' FlashSyncMode no  
'Focal Length' FocalLength no  
'Height' KodakImageHeight no  
'ISO' ISO no  
'ISO Speed' ISO no  
'Image Number' ImageNumber no  
'Lens' Lens no  
'Max Aperture' MaxAperture no  
'Meter Mode' MeterMode no  
'Min Aperture' MinAperture no  
'Popup Flash' PopupFlash no  
'Serial Number' SerialNumber no  
'Shooting Mode' ShootingMode no  
'Shutter' ShutterSpeed no  
'Temperature' Temperature no  
'Time' Time no  
'White balance' WhiteBalance no  
'Width' KodakImageWidth no  
'_other_info' OtherInfo no (any other information without a tag name)

Kodak Processing Tags

Index2Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
20 WB_RGBLevels no  

Kodak Type2 Tags

These tags are used by the Kodak DC220, DC260, DC265 and DC290, Hewlett-Packard PhotoSmart 618, C500 and C912, Pentax EI-200 and EI-2000, and Minolta EX1500Z.

Index1Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
8 KodakMaker string[32]  
40 KodakModel string[32]  
108 KodakImageWidth int32u  
112 KodakImageHeight int32u  

Kodak Type3 Tags

These tags are used by the DC240, DC280, DC3400 and DC5000.

Index1Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
12 YearCreated int16u  
14 MonthDayCreated int8u[2]  
16 TimeCreated int8u[4]  
30 OpticalZoom int16u  
55 Sharpness int8s 0 = Normal
56 ExposureTime int32u  
60 FNumber int16u  
78 ISO int16u  

Kodak Type4 Tags

These tags are used by the DC200 and DC215.

Index1Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
32 OriginalFileName string[12]  

Kodak Type5 Tags

These tags are used by the CX4200, CX4210, CX4230, CX4300, CX4310, CX6200 and CX6230.

Index1Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
20 ExposureTime int32u  
26 WhiteBalance int8u 1 = Daylight
2 = Flash
3 = Tungsten
28 FNumber int16u  
30 ISO int16u  
32 OpticalZoom int16u  
34 DigitalZoom int16u  
39 FlashMode int8u 0 = Auto
1 = On
2 = Off
3 = Red-Eye
42 ImageRotated int8u 0 = No
1 = Yes
43 Macro int8u 0 = On
1 = Off

Kodak Type6 Tags

These tags are used by the DX3215 and DX3700.

Index1Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
16 ExposureTime int32u  
20 ISOSetting? int32u  
24 FNumber int16u  
26 ISO int16u  
28 OpticalZoom int16u  
30 DigitalZoom int16u  
34 Flash int16u 0 = No Flash
1 = Fired

Kodak Type7 Tags

The maker notes of models such as the C340, C433, CC533, LS755, V803 and V1003 seem to start with the camera serial number. The C310, C315, C330, C643, C743, CD33, CD43, CX7220 and CX7300 maker notes are also decoded using this table, although the strings for these cameras don't conform to the usual Kodak serial number format, and instead have the model name followed by 8 digits.

Index1Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
0 SerialNumber string[16]  

Kodak Type8 Tags

Kodak models such as the ZD710, P712, P850, P880, V1233, V1253, V1275, V1285, Z612, Z712, Z812, Z885 use standard TIFF IFD format for the maker notes. In keeping with Kodak's strategy of inconsistent makernotes, models such as the M380, M1033, M1093, V1073, V1273, Z1012, Z1085 and Z8612 also use these tags, but these makernotes begin with a TIFF header instead of an IFD entry count and use relative instead of absolute offsets. There is a large amount of information stored in these maker notes (apparently with much duplication), but relatively few tags have so far been decoded.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0xfc00 SubIFD0 - --> Kodak SubIFD0 Tags
--> Kodak SubIFD0 Tags
0xfc01 SubIFD1 - --> Kodak SubIFD1 Tags
--> Kodak SubIFD1 Tags
0xfc02 SubIFD2 - --> Kodak SubIFD2 Tags
--> Kodak SubIFD2 Tags
0xfc03 SubIFD3 - --> Kodak SubIFD3 Tags
--> Kodak SubIFD3 Tags
0xfc04 SubIFD4 - --> Kodak SubIFD4 Tags
--> Kodak SubIFD4 Tags
0xfc05 SubIFD5 - --> Kodak SubIFD5 Tags
--> Kodak SubIFD5 Tags
0xfc06 SubIFD6 - --> Kodak SubIFD6 Tags
--> Kodak SubIFD6 Tags
0xfcff SubIFD255 - --> Kodak SubIFD0 Tags
0xff00 CameraInfo - --> Kodak CameraInfo Tags

Kodak SubIFD0 Tags

SubIFD0 through SubIFD5 tags are written a number of newer Kodak models.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0xfa02 SceneMode int16u (may not be valid for some models)
1 = Sport
3 = Portrait
4 = Landscape
6 = Beach
7 = Night Portrait
8 = Night Landscape
9 = Snow
10 = Text
11 = Fireworks
12 = Macro
13 = Museum
16 = Children
   17 = Program
18 = Aperture Priority
19 = Shutter Priority
20 = Manual
25 = Back Light
28 = Candlelight
29 = Sunset
31 = Panorama Left-right
32 = Panorama Right-left
33 = Smart Scene
34 = High ISO
0xfa19 SerialNumber string  
0xfa1d KodakImageWidth int16u  
0xfa1e KodakImageHeight int16u  
0xfa20 SensorWidth int16u  
0xfa21 SensorHeight int16u  
0xfa23 FNumber int16u  
0xfa24 ExposureTime int32u  
0xfa2e ISO int16u  
0xfa3d OpticalZoom int16u  
0xfa46 ISO int16u  
0xfa51 KodakImageWidth int16u  
0xfa52 KodakImageHeight int16u  
0xfa54 ThumbnailWidth int16u  
0xfa55 ThumbnailHeight int16u  
0xfa57 PreviewImageWidth int16u  
0xfa58 PreviewImageHeight int16u  

Kodak SubIFD1 Tags

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0x0027 ISO int16u  
0x0028 ISO int16u  

Kodak SubIFD2 Tags

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0x6002 SceneModeUsed int32u
0 = Program
2 = Aperture Priority
3 = Shutter Priority
4 = Manual
5 = Portrait
6 = Sport
7 = Children
8 = Museum
10 = High ISO
11 = Text
12 = Macro
   13 = Back Light
16 = Landscape
17 = Night Landscape
18 = Night Portrait
19 = Snow
20 = Beach
21 = Fireworks
22 = Sunset
23 = Candlelight
28 = Panorama
0x6006 OpticalZoom int32u  
0x6103 MaxAperture int32u  
0xf002 SceneModeUsed int32u
0 = Program
2 = Aperture Priority
3 = Shutter Priority
4 = Manual
5 = Portrait
6 = Sport
7 = Children
8 = Museum
10 = High ISO
11 = Text
12 = Macro
   13 = Back Light
16 = Landscape
17 = Night Landscape
18 = Night Portrait
19 = Snow
20 = Beach
21 = Fireworks
22 = Sunset
23 = Candlelight
28 = Panorama
0xf006 OpticalZoom int32u  
0xf103 FNumber int32u  
0xf104 ExposureTime int32u  
0xf105 ISO int32u  

Kodak SubIFD3 Tags

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0x1000 OpticalZoom int16u  

Kodak SubIFD4 Tags

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
[no tags known]

Kodak SubIFD5 Tags

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0x000f OpticalZoom int16u  

Kodak SubIFD6 Tags

SubIFD6 is written by the M580.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
[no tags known]

Kodak CameraInfo Tags

These tags are used by the P712, P850 and P880.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0xf900 SensorWidth int16u (effective sensor size)
0xf901 SensorHeight int16u  
0xf902 BayerPattern string  
0xf903 SensorFullWidth int16u (includes black border?)
0xf904 SensorFullHeight int16u  
0xf907 KodakImageWidth int16u  
0xf908 KodakImageHeight int16u  
0xfa00 KodakInfoType string  
0xfa04 SerialNumber string  
0xfd04 FNumber int16u  
0xfd05 ExposureTime int32u  
0xfd06 ISO int16u  

Kodak Type9 Tags

These tags are used by the Kodak C140, C180, C913, C1013, M320, M340 and M550, as well as various cameras marketed by other manufacturers.

Index1Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
12 FNumber int16u  
16 ExposureTime int32u  
20 DateTimeOriginal string[20]  
52 ISO int16u  
87 FirmwareVersion string[16] (Kodak only)
168 UnknownNumber no (Kodak only)
196 UnknownNumber no (Kodak only)

Kodak Type10 Tags

Another variation of the IFD-format type, this time with just a byte order indicator instead of a full TIFF header. These tags are used by the Z980.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0x0002 PreviewImageSize int16u[2]  
0x0012 ExposureTime int32u  
0x0013 FNumber int16u  
0x0014 ISO int16u  
0x001d FocalLength int32u  

Kodak Type11 Tags

These tags are found in models such as the PixPro S-1. They are not writable because the inconsistency of Kodak maker notes is beginning to get on my nerves.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0x0104 FirmwareVersion no  
0x0203 PictureEffect no 0 = None
3 = Monochrome
9 = Kodachrome
0x0207 KodakModel no  
0x0300 KodakMake no  
0x0308 LensSerialNumber no  
0x0309 LensModel no  
0x030d LevelMeter? no  
0x0311 Pitch no  
0x0312 Yaw no  
0x0313 Roll no  
0x0314 CX? no  
0x0315 CY? no  
0x0316 Rads? no  

Kodak Unknown Tags

Index1Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
[no tags known]

Kodak Meta Tags

These tags are found in the APP3 "Meta" segment of JPEG images from Kodak cameras such as the DC280, DC3400, DC5000, MC3, M580, Z950 and Z981. The structure of this segment is similar to the APP1 "Exif" segment, but a different set of tags is used.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0xc350 FilmProductCode no  
0xc351 ImageSourceEK no  
0xc352 CaptureConditionsPAR no  
0xc353 CameraOwner undef  
0xc354 SerialNumber undef  
0xc355 UserSelectGroupTitle no  
0xc356 DealerIDNumber no  
0xc357 CaptureDeviceFID no  
0xc358 EnvelopeNumber no  
0xc359 FrameNumber no  
0xc35a FilmCategory no  
0xc35b FilmGencode no  
0xc35c ModelAndVersion no  
0xc35d FilmSize no  
0xc35e SBA_RGBShifts no  
0xc35f SBAInputImageColorspace no  
0xc360 SBAInputImageBitDepth no  
0xc361 SBAExposureRecord no  
0xc362 UserAdjSBA_RGBShifts no  
0xc363 ImageRotationStatus no  
0xc364 RollGuidElements no  
0xc365 MetadataNumber no  
0xc366 EditTagArray no  
0xc367 Magnification no  
0xc36c NativeXResolution no  
0xc36d NativeYResolution no  
0xc36e KodakEffectsIFD - --> Kodak SpecialEffects Tags
0xc36f KodakBordersIFD - --> Kodak Borders Tags
0xc37a NativeResolutionUnit no  
0xc418 SourceImageDirectory no  
0xc419 SourceImageFileName no  
0xc41a SourceImageVolumeName no  
0xc46c PrintQuality no  
0xc46e ImagePrintStatus no  

Kodak SpecialEffects Tags

The Kodak SpecialEffects and Borders tags are found in sub-IFD's within the Kodak JPEG APP3 "Meta" segment.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0x0000 DigitalEffectsVersion no  
0x0001 DigitalEffectsName no  
0x0002 DigitalEffectsType no  

Kodak Borders Tags

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0x0000 BordersVersion no  
0x0001 BorderName no  
0x0002 BorderID no  
0x0003 BorderLocation no  
0x0004 BorderType no  
0x0008 WatermarkType no  

Kodak KDC_IFD Tags

These tags are found in a separate IFD of KDC images from some newer Kodak models such as the P880 and Z1015IS.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0xfa00 SerialNumber string  
0xfa0d WhiteBalance int8u 0 = Auto
1 = Fluorescent
2 = Tungsten
3 = Daylight
6 = Shade
0xfa25 WB_RGBLevelsAuto no  
0xfa27 WB_RGBLevelsTungsten no  
0xfa28 WB_RGBLevelsFluorescent no  
0xfa29 WB_RGBLevelsDaylight no  
0xfa2a WB_RGBLevelsShade no  

Kodak frea Tags

Information stored in the "frea" atom of Kodak PixPro SP360 MP4 videos.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'scra' PreviewImage no  
'thma' ThumbnailImage no  
'tima' Duration no  
'ver ' KodakVersion no  

Kodak Free Tags

Information stored in the "free" atom of Kodak MP4 videos. (VERY bad form for Kodak to store useful information in an atom intended for unused space!)

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'AprV' ApertureValue no  
'BrtV' BrightnessValue no  
'Expc' ExposureCompensation no  
'Expo' ExposureTime no  
'FL35' FocalLengthIn35mmFormat no  
'FNum' FNumber no  
'FoLn' FocalLength no  
'ISOS' ISO no  
'SVer' FirmwareVersion no  
'Scrn' PreviewInfo - --> Kodak Scrn Tags
'Seri' SerialNumber no  
'StSV' ShutterSpeedValue no  

Kodak Scrn Tags

Index2Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
0 PreviewImageWidth no  
1 PreviewImageHeight no  
2 PreviewImageLength no  
4 PreviewImage no  

Kodak DcMD Tags

Metadata directory found in MOV and MP4 videos from some Kodak cameras.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'CMbo' CameraByteOrder no 'II' = Little-endian (Intel, II)
'MM' = Big-endian (Motorola, MM)
'Cmbo' CameraByteOrder no 'II' = Little-endian (Intel, II)
'MM' = Big-endian (Motorola, MM)
'DcEM' DcEM - --> Kodak DcEM Tags
'DcME' DcME - --> Kodak DcME Tags

Kodak DcEM Tags

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
[no tags known]

Kodak DcME Tags

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
[no tags known]

Kodak MOV Tags

This information is found in the TAGS atom of MOV videos from Kodak models such as the P880.

Index1Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
0 Make no  
22 Model no  
64 ModelType no  
78 ExposureTime no  
82 FNumber no  
90 ExposureCompensation no  
112 FocalLength no  

Kodak pose Tags

Streamed orientation information from the PixPro 4KVR360, extracted as sub-documents when the Duplicates option is used.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'Accelerometer' Accelerometer no  
'AngularVelocity' AngularVelocity no  

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