These tags are extracted from STANAG-4609 MISB (Motion Industry Standards Board) KLV-format metadata in M2TS videos.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'060E2B34030101010E01030302000000' Security - --> MISB Security Tags
'060e2b3402030101434e415644494147' ChurchillNav - --> MISB ChurchillNav Tags
'060e2b34020b01010e01030101000000' UASDataLink - --> MISB UASDatalink Tags
'<other>' Unknown - --> MISB Unknown Tags

MISB Security Tags

Tags extracted from the MISB ST 0102.11 Security Metadata local set.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0x0001 SecurityClassification no 1 = Unclassified
2 = Restricted
3 = Confidential
4 = Secret
5 = Top Secret
0x0002 ClassifyingCountryCodeMethod no
1 = ISO-3166 Two Letter
2 = ISO-3166 Three Letter
3 = FIPS 10-4 Two Letter
4 = FIPS 10-4 Four Letter
5 = ISO-3166 Numeric
6 = 1059 Two Letter
7 = 1059 Three Letter
10 = FIPS 10-4 Mixed
11 = ISO 3166 Mixed
12 = STANAG 1059 Mixed
13 = GENC Two Letter
14 = GENC Three Letter
15 = GENC Numeric
16 = GENC Mixed
0x0003 ClassifyingCountry no  
0x0004 SecuritySCI-SHIInformation no  
0x0005 Caveats no  
0x0006 ReleasingInstructions no  
0x0007 ClassifiedBy no  
0x0008 DerivedFrom no  
0x0009 ClassificationReason no  
0x000a DeclassificationDate no  
0x000b ClassificationAndMarkingSystem no  
0x000c ObjectCountryCodingMethod no
1 = ISO-3166 Two Letter
2 = ISO-3166 Three Letter
3 = ISO-3166 Numeric
4 = FIPS 10-4 Two Letter
5 = FIPS 10-4 Four Letter
6 = 1059 Two Letter
7 = 1059 Three Letter
13 = GENC Two Letter
14 = GENC Three Letter
15 = GENC Numeric
64 = GENC AdminSub
0x000d ObjectCountryCodes no  
0x000e ClassificationComments no  
0x000f UMID no  
0x0010 StreamID no  
0x0011 TransportStreamID no  
0x0015 ItemDesignatorID no  
0x0016 SecurityVersion no  
0x0017 ClassifyingCountryCodingMethodDate no  
0x0018 ObjectCountryCodingMethodDate no  

MISB ChurchillNav Tags

Proprietary tags used by Churchill Navigation units. These tags are all currently unknown, but extracted with the Unknown option.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
[no tags known]

MISB UASDatalink Tags

Tags extracted from the MISB ST 0601.11 UAS Datalink local set.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0x0001 Checksum no  
0x0002 GPSDateTime no  
0x0003 MissionID no  
0x0004 TailNumber no  
0x0005 GPSTrack no  
0x0006 PitchAngle no  
0x0007 RollAngle no  
0x0008 TrueAirspeed no  
0x0009 IndicatedAirspeed no  
0x000a ProjectIDCode no  
0x000b SensorName no  
0x000c ImageCoordinateSystem no  
0x000d GPSLatitude no  
0x000e GPSLongitude no  
0x000f GPSAltitude no  
0x0010 HorizontalFieldOfView no  
0x0011 VerticalFieldOfView no  
0x0012 SensorRelativeAzimuthAngle no  
0x0013 SensorRelativeElevationAngle no  
0x0014 SensorRelativeRollAngle no  
0x0015 SlantRange no  
0x0016 TargetWidth no  
0x0017 FrameCenterLatitude no  
0x0018 FrameCenterLongitude no  
0x0019 FrameCenterElevation no  
0x001a OffsetCornerLatitude1 no  
0x001b OffsetCornerLongitude1 no  
0x001c OffsetCornerLatitude2 no  
0x001d OffsetCornerLongitude2 no  
0x001e OffsetCornerLatitude3 no  
0x001f OffsetCornerLongitude3 no  
0x0020 OffsetCornerLatitude4 no  
0x0021 OffsetCornerLongitude4 no  
0x0022 IcingDetected no 0 = n/a
1 = No
2 = Yes
0x0023 WindDirection no  
0x0024 WindSpeed no (m/s)
0x0025 StaticPressure no (mbar)
0x0026 DensityAltitude no  
0x0027 AirTemperature no  
0x0028 TargetLocationLatitude no  
0x0029 TargetLocationLongitude no  
0x002a TargetLocationElevation no  
0x002b TargetTrackGateWidth no  
0x002c TargetTrackGateHeight no  
0x002d TargetErrorEstimateCE90 no  
0x002e TargetErrorEstimateLE90 no  
0x002f GenericFlagData01 no
Bit 0 = Laser range
Bit 1 = Auto-track
Bit 2 = IR polarity black
Bit 3 = Icing detected
Bit 4 = Slant range measured
Bit 5 = Image invalid
0x0030 SecurityLocalMetadataSet - --> MISB Security Tags
0x0031 DifferentialPressure no  
0x0032 AngleOfAttack no  
0x0033 VerticalSpeed no (m/s)
0x0034 SideslipAngle no  
0x0035 AirfieldBarometricPressure no  
0x0036 AirfieldElevation no  
0x0037 RelativeHumidity no  
0x0038 GPSSpeed no (m/s)
0x0039 GroundRange no  
0x003a FuelRemaining no (kg)
0x003b CallSign no  
0x003c WeaponLoad no  
0x003d WeaponFired no  
0x003e LaserPRFCode no  
0x003f SensorFieldOfViewName no
0 = Ultranarrow
1 = Narrow
2 = Medium
3 = Wide
   4 = Ultrawide
5 = Narrow Medium
6 = 2x Ultranarrow
7 = 4x Ultranarrow
0x0040 MagneticHeading no  
0x0041 UAS_LSVersionNumber no  
0x0042 TargetLocationCovarianceMatrix no  
0x0043 AlternateLatitude no  
0x0044 AlternateLongitude no  
0x0045 AlternateAltitude no  
0x0046 AlternateName no  
0x0047 AlternateHeading no  
0x0048 EventStartTime no  
0x0049 RVTLocalSet - --> MISB Unknown Tags
0x004a VMTIDataSet - --> MISB Unknown Tags
0x004b SensorEllipsoidHeight no  
0x004c AlternateEllipsoidHeight no  
0x004d OperationalMode no 0 = Other
1 = Operational
2 = Training
3 = Exercise
4 = Maintenance
0x004e FrameCenterHeightAboveEllipsoid no  
0x004f SensorVelocityNorth no  
0x0050 SensorVelocityEast no  
0x0051 ImageHorizonPixelPack no  
0x0052 CornerLatitude1 no  
0x0053 CornerLongitude1 no  
0x0054 CornerLatitude2 no  
0x0055 CornerLongitude2 no  
0x0056 CornerLatitude3 no  
0x0057 CornerLongitude3 no  
0x0058 CornerLatitude4 no  
0x0059 CornerLongitude4 no  
0x005a FullPitchAngle no  
0x005b FullRollAngle no  
0x005c FullAngleOfAttack no  
0x005d FullSideslipAngle no  
0x005e MIISCoreIdentifier no  
0x005f SARMotionImageryData - --> MISB Unknown Tags
0x0060 TargetWidthExtended no  
0x0061 RangeImageLocalSet - --> MISB Unknown Tags
0x0062 GeoregistrationLocalSet - --> MISB Unknown Tags
0x0063 CompositeImagingLocalSet - --> MISB Unknown Tags
0x0064 SegmentLocalSet - --> MISB Unknown Tags
0x0065 AmendLocalSet - --> MISB Unknown Tags
0x0066 SDCC-FLP no  
0x0067 DensityAltitudeExtended no  
0x0068 SensorEllipsoidHeightExtended no  
0x0069 AlternateEllipsoidHeightExtended no  

MISB Unknown Tags

Other tags are extracted with the Unknown option.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
[no tags known]

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