MPF Tags

These tags are part of the CIPA Multi-Picture Format specification, and are found in the APP2 "MPF" segment of JPEG images. MPImage data referenced from this segment is stored as a JPEG trailer. The MPF tags are not writable, however the MPF segment may be deleted as a group (with "MPF:All") but then the JPEG trailer should also be deleted (with "Trailer:All"). See for the official specification.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0xb000 MPFVersion no  
0xb001 NumberOfImages no  
0xb002 MPImageList - --> MPF MPImage Tags
0xb003 ImageUIDList no  
0xb004 TotalFrames no  
0xb101 MPIndividualNum no  
0xb201 PanOrientation no (long integer is split into 4 bytes)
[Value 2]
0x0 = [unused]
0x1 = Start at top right
0x2 = Start at top left
0x3 = Start at bottom left
0x4 = Start at bottom right
[Value 3]
0x1 = Left to right
0x2 = Right to left
0x3 = Top to bottom
0x4 = Bottom to top
0x10 = Clockwise
0x20 = Counter clockwise
0x30 = Zigzag (row start)
0x40 = Zigzag (column start)
0xb202 PanOverlapH no  
0xb203 PanOverlapV no  
0xb204 BaseViewpointNum no  
0xb205 ConvergenceAngle no  
0xb206 BaselineLength no  
0xb207 VerticalDivergence no  
0xb208 AxisDistanceX no  
0xb209 AxisDistanceY no  
0xb20a AxisDistanceZ no  
0xb20b YawAngle no  
0xb20c PitchAngle no  
0xb20d RollAngle no  

MPF MPImage Tags

The first MPF "Large Thumbnail" image is extracted as PreviewImage, and the rest of the embedded MPF images are extracted as MPImage#. The ExtractEmbedded (-ee) option may be used to extract information from these embedded images.

Index1Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
0.1 MPImageFlags no [val >> 27 & 0x1f]
Bit 2 = Representative image
Bit 3 = Dependent child image
Bit 4 = Dependent parent image
0.2 MPImageFormat no [val >> 24 & 0x7]
0 = JPEG
0.3 MPImageType no [val & 0xffffff]
0x0 = Undefined
0x10001 = Large Thumbnail (VGA equivalent)
0x10002 = Large Thumbnail (full HD equivalent)
0x20001 = Multi-frame Panorama
0x20002 = Multi-frame Disparity
0x20003 = Multi-angle
0x30000 = Baseline MP Primary Image
0x40000 = Original Preservation Image
4 MPImageLength no  
8 MPImageStart no  
12 DependentImage1EntryNumber no  
14 DependentImage2EntryNumber no  

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Last revised Jun 8, 2023

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