Matroska Tags

The following tags are extracted from Matroska multimedia container files. This container format is used by file types such as MKA, MKV, MKS and WEBM. For speed, by default ExifTool extracts tags only up to the first Cluster unless a Seek element specifies the position of a Tags element after this. However, the Verbose (-v) and Unknown = 2 (-U) options force processing of Cluster data, and the ExtractEmbedded (-ee) option skips over Clusters to read subsequent tags. See for the official Matroska specification.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0x0000 ChapterDisplay - --> Matroska Tags
0x0003 TrackType no
0x1 = Video
0x2 = Audio
0x3 = Complex
0x10 = Logo
   0x11 = Subtitle
0x12 = Buttons
0x20 = Control
0x0005 ChapterString no  
0x0006 VideoCodecID
0x0008 TrackDefault no 0 = No
1 = Yes
0x0009 ChapterTrackNumber? no  
0x000e Slices - --> Matroska Tags
0x000f ChapterTrack - --> Matroska Tags
0x0011 ChapterTimeStart no  
0x0012 ChapterTimeEnd no  
0x0016 CueRefTime? no  
0x0017 CueRefCluster? no  
0x0018 ChapterFlagHidden? no  
0x001a VideoScanType no 0 = Undetermined
1 = Interlaced
2 = Progressive
0x001b BlockDuration? no  
0x001c TrackLacing? no 0 = No
1 = Yes
0x001f AudioChannels no  
0x0020 BlockGroup - --> Matroska Tags
0x0021 Block? no  
0x0022 BlockVirtual? no  
0x0023 SimpleBlock? no  
0x0024 CodecState? no  
0x0025 BlockAdditional? no  
0x0026 BlockMore - --> Matroska Tags
0x0027 Position no  
0x002a CodecDecodeAll no 0 = No
1 = Yes
0x002b PrevSize no  
0x002e TrackEntry - --> Matroska Tags
0x002f EncryptedBlock? no  
0x0030 ImageWidth no  
0x0033 CueTime? no  
0x0035 AudioSampleRate no  
0x0036 ChapterAtom - --> Matroska Tags
0x0037 CueTrackPositions - --> Matroska Tags
0x0039 TrackUsed no 0 = No
1 = Yes
0x003a ImageHeight no  
0x003b CuePoint - --> Matroska Tags
0x003f CRC-32? no  
0x004b BlockAdditionalID? no  
0x004c LaceNumber? no  
0x004d FrameNumber? no  
0x004e Delay? no  
0x004f ClusterDuration? no  
0x0057 TrackNumber no  
0x005b CueReference - --> Matroska Tags
0x0060 Video - --> Matroska Tags
0x0061 Audio - --> Matroska Tags
0x0067 TimeCode? no  
0x0068 TimeSlice - --> Matroska Tags
0x006a CueCodecState? no  
0x006b CueRefCodecState? no  
0x006c Void? no  
0x006e BlockAddID? no  
0x0071 CueClusterPosition? no  
0x0077 CueTrack? no  
0x007a ReferencePriority? no  
0x007b ReferenceBlock? no  
0x007d ReferenceVirtual? no  
0x0254 ContentCompressionAlgorithm no 0 = zlib
1 = bzlib
2 = lzo1x
3 = Header Stripping
0x0255 ContentCompressionSettings? no  
0x0282 DocType no  
0x0285 DocTypeReadVersion no  
0x0286 EBMLVersion no  
0x0287 DocTypeVersion no  
0x02f2 EBMLMaxIDLength? no  
0x02f3 EBMLMaxSizeLength? no  
0x02f7 EBMLReadVersion no  
0x037c ChapterLanguage no  
0x037e ChapterCountry no  
0x0444 SegmentFamily? no  
0x0461 DateTimeOriginal no  
0x047a TagLanguageBCP47 no  
0x0484 TagDefault no 0 = No
1 = Yes
0x0485 TagBinary no  
0x0487 TagString no  
0x0489 Duration no  
0x050d ChapterProcessPrivate? no  
0x0598 ChapterFlagEnabled? no  
0x05a3 TagName no  
0x05b9 EditionEntry - --> Matroska Tags
0x05bc EditionUID? no  
0x05bd EditionFlagHidden? no  
0x05db EditionFlagDefault? no  
0x05dd EditionFlagOrdered? no  
0x065c AttachedFileData no  
0x0660 AttachedFileMIMEType no  
0x066e AttachedFileName no  
0x0675 AttachedFileReferral? no  
0x067e AttachedFileDescription no  
0x06ae AttachedFileUID no  
0x07e1 ContentEncryptionAlgorithm no
0 = Not Encrypted
1 = DES
2 = 3DES
   3 = Twofish
4 = Blowfish
5 = AES
0x07e2 ContentEncryptionKeyID? no  
0x07e3 ContentSignature? no  
0x07e4 ContentSignatureKeyID? no  
0x07e5 ContentSignatureAlgorithm no 0 = Not Signed
1 = RSA
0x07e6 ContentSignatureHashAlgorithm no 0 = Not Signed
1 = SHA1-160
2 = MD5
0x0d80 MuxingApp no  
0x0dbb Seek - --> Matroska Tags
0x1031 ContentEncodingOrder? no  
0x1032 ContentEncodingScope? no  
0x1033 ContentEncodingType no 0 = Compression
1 = Encryption
0x1034 ContentCompression - --> Matroska Tags
0x1035 ContentEncryption - --> Matroska Tags
0x135f CueRefNumber? no  
0x136e TrackName no  
0x1378 CueBlockNumber? no  
0x137f TrackOffset? no  
0x13ab SeekID? no  
0x13ac SeekPosition? no  
0x13b8 Stereo3DMode no  
0x14aa CropBottom no  
0x14b0 DisplayWidth no  
0x14b2 DisplayUnit no 0 = Pixels
1 = cm
2 = inches
3 = Display Aspect Ratio
4 = Unknown
0x14b3 AspectRatioType no 0 = Free Resizing
1 = Keep Aspect Ratio
2 = Fixed
0x14ba DisplayHeight no  
0x14bb CropTop no  
0x14cc CropLeft no  
0x14dd CropRight no  
0x15aa TrackForced no 0 = No
1 = Yes
0x15ee MaxBlockAdditionID? no  
0x1741 WritingApp no  
0x1854 SilentTracks - --> Matroska Tags
0x18d7 SilentTrackNumber no  
0x21a7 AttachedFile - --> Matroska Tags
0x2240 ContentEncoding - --> Matroska Tags
0x2264 AudioBitsPerSample no  
0x23a2 CodecPrivate? no  
0x23c0 Targets - --> Matroska Tags
0x23c3 ChapterPhysicalEquivalent no
10 = Index
20 = Track
30 = Session
40 = Layer
   50 = Side
60 = CD / DVD
70 = Set / Package
0x23c4 TagChapterUID no  
0x23c5 TagTrackUID no  
0x23c6 TagAttachmentUID no  
0x23c9 TagEditionUID no  
0x23ca TargetType no  
0x2532 SignedElement? no  
0x2624 TrackTranslate - --> Matroska Tags
0x26a5 TrackTranslateTrackID? no  
0x26bf TrackTranslateCodec no 0 = Matroska Script
1 = DVD Menu
0x26fc TrackTranslateEditionUID? no  
0x27c8 SimpleTag - --> Matroska Tags
0x28ca TargetTypeValue no  
0x2911 ChapterProcessCommand - --> Matroska Tags
0x2922 ChapterProcessTime? no 0 = For Duration of Chapter
1 = Before Chapter
2 = After Chapter
0x2924 ChapterTranslate - --> Matroska Tags
0x2933 ChapterProcessData? no  
0x2944 ChapterProcess - --> Matroska Tags
0x2955 ChapterProcessCodecID? no 0 = Matroska
1 = DVD
0x29a5 ChapterTranslateID? no  
0x29bf ChapterTranslateCodec no 0 = Matroska Script
1 = DVD Menu
0x29fc ChapterTranslateEditionUID? no  
0x2d80 ContentEncodings - --> Matroska Tags
0x2de7 MinCache? no  
0x2df8 MaxCache? no  
0x2e67 ChapterSegmentUID? no  
0x2ebc ChapterSegmentEditionUID? no  
0x2fab TrackOverlay? no  
0x3373 Tag - --> Matroska Tags
0x3384 SegmentFileName no  
0x33a4 SegmentUID? no  
0x33c4 ChapterUID? no  
0x33c5 TrackUID no  
0x3446 TrackAttachmentUID no  
0x35a1 BlockAdditions - --> Matroska Tags
0x38b5 OutputAudioSampleRate no  
0x3ba9 Title no  
0x3d7b ChannelPositions? no  
0x3e5b SignatureElements - --> Matroska Tags
0x3e7b SignatureElementList - --> Matroska Tags
0x3e8a SignatureAlgo no  
0x3e9a SignatureHash no  
0x3ea5 SignaturePublicKey? no  
0x3eb5 Signature? no  
0x7670 Projection - --> Matroska Projection Tags
0x2b59c TrackLanguage no  
0x2b59d TrackLanguageIETF no  
0x3314f TrackTimecodeScale no  
0x383e3 FrameRate no  
0x3e383 VideoFrameRate
0x58688 VideoCodecName
0x6b240 CodecDownloadURL no  
0xad7b1 TimecodeScale no  
0xeb524 ColorSpace? no  
0xfb523 Gamma no  
0x1a9697 CodecSettings no  
0x1b4040 CodecInfoURL no  
0x1c83ab PrevFileName no  
0x1cb923 PrevUID? no  
0x1e83bb NextFileName no  
0x1eb923 NextUID? no  
0x43a770 Chapters - --> Matroska Tags
0x14d9b74 SeekHead - --> Matroska Tags
0x254c367 Tags - --> Matroska Tags
0x549a966 Info - --> Matroska Tags
0x654ae6b Tracks - --> Matroska Tags
0x8538067 SegmentHeader - --> Matroska Tags
0x941a469 Attachments - --> Matroska Tags
0xa45dfa3 EBMLHeader - --> Matroska Tags
0xb538667 SignatureSlot - --> Matroska Tags
0xc53bb6b Cues - --> Matroska Tags
0xf43b675 Cluster - --> Matroska Tags

Matroska Projection Tags

Projection tags defined by the Spherical Video V2 specification. See for the specification.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0x7671 ProjectionType no 0 = Rectangular
1 = Equirectangular
2 = Cubemap
3 = Mesh
0x7672 EquirectangularProj
--> QuickTime equi Tags
--> QuickTime cbmp Tags
0x7673 ProjectionPoseYaw no  
0x7674 ProjectionPosePitch no  
0x7675 ProjectionPoseRoll no  

Matroska StdTag Tags

Standardized Matroska tags, stored in a SimpleTag structure (see

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'ACCOMPANIMENT' Accompaniment no  
'ACTOR' Actor no  
'ADDRESS' Address no  
'ARRANGER' Arranger no  
'ARTIST' Artist no  
'ART_DIRECTOR' ArtDirector no  
'ASSISTANT_DIRECTOR' AssistantDirector no  
'BARCODE' Barcode no  
'BPM' BPM no  
'BPS' BPS no  
'CATALOG_NUMBER' CatalogNumber no  
'CHARACTER' Character no  
'CHOREGRAPHER' Choregrapher no  
'COMMENT' Comment no  
'COMPOSER' Composer no  
'COMPOSER_NATIONALITY' ComposerNationality no  
'COMPOSITION_LOCATION' CompositionLocation no  
'CONDUCTOR' Conductor no  
'CONTENT_TYPE' ContentType no  
'COPRODUCER' Coproducer no  
'COPYRIGHT' Copyright no  
'COSTUME_DESIGNER' CostumeDesigner no  
'COUNTRY' Country no  
'DATE_DIGITIZED' CreateDate no  
'DATE_ENCODED' DateEncoded no  
'DATE_PURCHASED' DatePurchased no  
'DATE_RECORDED' DateTimeOriginal no  
'DATE_RELEASED' DateReleased no  
'DATE_TAGGED' DateTagged no  
'DATE_WRITTEN' DateWritten no  
'DESCRIPTION' Description no  
'DIRECTOR' Director no  
'DIRECTOR_OF_PHOTOGRAPHY' DirectorOfPhotography no  
'DISTRIBUTED_BY' DistributedBy no  
'EDITED_BY' EditedBy no  
'EMAIL' Email no  
'ENCODED_BY' EncodedBy no  
'ENCODER' Encoder no  
'ENCODER_SETTINGS' EncoderSettings no  
'EXECUTIVE_PRODUCER' ExecutiveProducer no  
'FAX' FAX no  
'FPS' FPS no  
'GENRE' Genre no  
'IMDB' IMDB no  
'INITIAL_KEY' InitialKey no  
'INSTRUMENTS' Instruments no  
'ISBN' ISBN no  
'ISRC' ISRC no  
'KEYWORDS' Keywords no  
'LABEL' Label no  
'LABEL_CODE' LabelCode no  
'LAW_RATING' LawRating no  
'LCCN' Lccn no  
'LEAD_PERFORMER' LeadPerformer no  
'LICENSE' License no  
'LYRICIST' Lyricist no  
'LYRICS' Lyrics no  
'MASTERED_BY' MasteredBy no  
'MCDI' MCDI no  
'MEASURE' Measure no  
'MIXED_BY' MixedBy no  
'MOOD' Mood no  
'ORIGINAL' Original no  
'ORIGINAL_MEDIA_TYPE' OriginalMediaType no  
'PART_NUMBER' PartNumber no  
'PART_OFFSET' PartOffset no  
'PERIOD' Period no  
'PHONE' Phone no  
'PLAY_COUNTER' PlayCounter no  
'PRODUCER' Producer no  
'PRODUCTION_COPYRIGHT' ProductionCopyright no  
'PRODUCTION_DESIGNER' ProductionDesigner no  
'PRODUCTION_STUDIO' ProductionStudio no  
'PUBLISHER' Publisher no  
'PURCHASE_CURRENCY' PurchaseCurrency no  
'PURCHASE_INFO' PurchaseInfo no  
'PURCHASE_ITEM' PurchaseItem no  
'PURCHASE_OWNER' PurchaseOwner no  
'PURCHASE_PRICE' PurchasePrice no  
'RATING' Rating no  
'RECORDING_LOCATION' RecordingLocation no  
'REMIXED_BY' RemixedBy no  
'REPLAYGAIN_GAIN' ReplaygainGain no  
'REPLAYGAIN_PEAK' ReplaygainPeak no  
'SAMPLE' Sample no  
'SCREENPLAY_BY' ScreenplayBy no  
'SORT_WITH' SortWith no  
'SOUND_ENGINEER' SoundEngineer no  
'SPHERICAL-VIDEO' SphericalVideoXML - --> XMP Tags
'SUBJECT' Subject no  
'SUBTITLE' Subtitle no  
'SUMMARY' Summary no  
'SYNOPSIS' Synopsis no  
'TERMS_OF_USE' TermsOfUse no  
'THANKS_TO' ThanksTo no  
'TITLE' Title no  
'TMDB' TMDB no  
'TOTAL_PARTS' TotalParts no  
'TUNING' Tuning no  
'TVDB' TVDB no  
'URL' URL no  
'WRITTEN_BY' WrittenBy no  
'spherical-video' SphericalVideoXML - --> XMP Tags

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