Apple Property List tags. ExifTool reads both XML and binary-format PLIST files, and will extract any existing tags even if they aren't listed below. These tags belong to the family 0 "PLIST" group, but family 1 group may be either "XML" or "PLIST" depending on whether the format is XML or binary.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'MetaDataList//DateTimeOriginal' DateTimeOriginal no  
'MetaDataList//Duration' Duration no  
'MetaDataList//Geolocation/Latitude' GPSLatitude no  
'MetaDataList//Geolocation/Longitude' GPSLongitude no  
'MetaDataList//Geolocation/MapDatum' GPSMapDatum no  
'XMLFileType' XMLFileType no  
'cast//name' Cast no+  
'codirectors//name' Codirectors no+  
'directors//name' Directors no+  
'producers//name' Producers no+  
'screenwriters//name' Screenwriters no+  
'studio//name' Studio no+  

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Last revised Feb 22, 2013

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