PhaseOne Tags

These tags are extracted from the maker notes of Phase One images.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0x0100 CameraOrientation no 0 = Horizontal (normal)
1 = Rotate 90 CW
2 = Rotate 270 CW
3 = Rotate 180
0x0102 SerialNumber string  
0x0105 ISO int32s  
0x0106 ColorMatrix1 float[9]  
0x0107 WB_RGBLevels float[3]  
0x0108 SensorWidth int32s  
0x0109 SensorHeight int32s  
0x010a SensorLeftMargin int32s  
0x010b SensorTopMargin int32s  
0x010c ImageWidth int32s  
0x010d ImageHeight int32s  
0x010e RawFormat int32s
1 = RAW 1
2 = RAW 2
3 = IIQ L
   5 = IIQ S
6 = IIQ Sv2
8 = IIQ L16
0x010f RawData no  
0x0110 SensorCalibration - --> PhaseOne SensorCalibration Tags
0x0112 DateTimeOriginal no (may be used as a key to encrypt the raw data)
0x0113 ImageNumber int32s  
0x0203 Software string  
0x0204 System string  
0x0210 SensorTemperature float  
0x0211 SensorTemperature2 float  
0x0212 UnknownDate? int32u  
0x021c StripOffsets no  
0x021d BlackLevel int32s  
0x0222 SplitColumn int32s  
0x0223 BlackLevelData int16u[n]  
0x0226 ColorMatrix2 float[9]  
0x0267 AFAdjustment float  
0x0301 FirmwareVersions string  
0x0400 ShutterSpeedValue float  
0x0401 ApertureValue float  
0x0402 ExposureCompensation float  
0x0403 FocalLength float  
0x0410 CameraModel string  
0x0412 LensModel string  
0x0414 MaxApertureValue float  
0x0415 MinApertureValue float  
0x0455 Viewfinder string  

PhaseOne SensorCalibration Tags

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0x0400 SensorDefects no  
0x0401 AllColorFlatField1? no  
0x0407 SerialNumber string  
0x040b RedBlueFlatField? no  
0x0410 AllColorFlatField2? no  
0x0416 AllColorFlatField3? no  
0x0419 LinearizationCoefficients1 no  
0x041a LinearizationCoefficients2 no  

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Last revised Apr 13, 2021

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