PostScript Tags

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'AI12_BuildNumber' AIBuildNumber no  
'AI3_ColorUsage' AIColorUsage no  
'AI5_FileFormat' AIFileFormat no  
'AI5_NumLayers' AINumLayers no  
'AI5_RulerUnits' AIRulerUnits no
0 = Inches
1 = Millimeters
2 = Points
   3 = Picas
4 = Centimeters
6 = Pixels
'AI5_TargetResolution' AITargetResolution no  
'AI8_CreatorVersion' AICreatorVersion no  
'AI9_ColorModel' AIColorModel no 1 = RGB
2 = CMYK
'Author' Author string  
'BeginDocument' EmbeddedFile - --> PostScript Tags
(extracted with ExtractEmbedded option)
'BeginICCProfile' ICC_Profile - --> ICC_Profile Tags
'BeginPhotoshop' PhotoshopData - --> Photoshop Tags
'BoundingBox' BoundingBox no  
'Copyright' Copyright string  
'CreationDate' CreateDate string  
'Creator' Creator string  
'EmbeddedFileName' EmbeddedFileName no (not a real tag ID, but the file name from a BeginDocument statement. Extracted with document metadata when ExtractEmbedded option is used)
'For' For string (for whom the document was prepared)
'ImageData' ImageData no  
'Keywords' Keywords string  
'ModDate' ModifyDate string  
'Pages' Pages no  
'Routing' Routing string  
'Subject' Subject string  
'TIFFPreview' TIFFPreview no (not a real tag ID, but used to represent the TIFF preview extracted from DOS EPS images)
'Title' Title string  
'Version' Version string  
'begin_xml_packet' XMP - --> XMP Tags

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Last revised Apr 13, 2018

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