Samsung Tags

Tags found in the binary "STMN" format maker notes written by a number of Samsung models.

Index4Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
0 MakerNoteVersion undef[8]  
2 PreviewImageStart int32u*  
3 PreviewImageLength int32u*  
11 SamsungIFD - --> Samsung IFD Tags

Samsung IFD Tags

This is a standard-format IFD found in the maker notes of some Samsung models, except that the entry count is a 4-byte integer and the offsets are relative to the end of the IFD. Currently, no tags in this IFD are known, so the Unknown (-u) or Verbose (-v) option must be used to see this information.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
[no tags known]

Samsung Type2 Tags

Tags found in the EXIF-format maker notes of newer Samsung models.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0x0001 MakerNoteVersion undef[4]  
0x0002 DeviceType int32u 0x1000 = Compact Digital Camera
0x2000 = High-end NX Camera
0x3000 = HXM Video Camera
0x12000 = Cell Phone
0x300000 = SMX Video Camera
0x0003 SamsungModelID int32u 0x100101c = NX10
0x1001226 = HMX-S15BP
0x1001233 = HMX-Q10
0x1001234 = HMX-H304
0x100130c = NX100
0x1001327 = NX11
0x170104b = ES65, ES67 / VLUU ES65, ES67 / SL50
0x170104e = ES70, ES71 / VLUU ES70, ES71 / SL600
0x1701052 = ES73 / VLUU ES73 / SL605
0x1701055 = ES25, ES27 / VLUU ES25, ES27 / SL45
0x1701300 = ES28 / VLUU ES28
0x1701303 = ES74,ES75,ES78 / VLUU ES75,ES78
0x2001046 = PL150 / VLUU PL150 / TL210 / PL151
0x2001048 = PL100 / TL205 / VLUU PL100 / PL101
0x2001311 = PL120,PL121 / VLUU PL120,PL121
0x2001315 = PL170,PL171 / VLUUPL170,PL171
0x200131e = PL210, PL211 / VLUU PL210, PL211
0x2701317 = PL20,PL21 / VLUU PL20,PL21
0x2a0001b = WP10 / VLUU WP10 / AQ100
0x3000000 = Various Models (0x3000000)
0x3a00018 = Various Models (0x3a00018)
0x400101f = ST1000 / ST1100 / VLUU ST1000 / CL65
0x4001022 = ST550 / VLUU ST550 / TL225
0x4001025 = Various Models (0x4001025)
0x400103e = VLUU ST5500, ST5500, CL80
0x4001041 = VLUU ST5000, ST5000, TL240
0x4001043 = ST70 / VLUU ST70 / ST71
0x400130a = Various Models (0x400130a)
0x400130e = ST90,ST91 / VLUU ST90,ST91
0x4001313 = VLUU ST95, ST95
0x4a00015 = VLUU ST60
0x4a0135b = ST30, ST65 / VLUU ST65 / ST67
0x5000000 = Various Models (0x5000000)
0x5001038 = Various Models (0x5001038)
0x500103a = WB650 / VLUU WB650 / WB660
0x500103c = WB600 / VLUU WB600 / WB610
0x500133e = WB150 / WB150F / WB152 / WB152F / WB151
0x5a0000f = WB5000 / HZ25W
0x5a0001e = WB5500 / VLUU WB5500 / HZ50W
0x6001036 = EX1
0x700131c = VLUU SH100, SH100
0x27127002 = SMX-C20N
0x0011 OrientationInfo - --> Samsung OrientationInfo Tags
0x0020 SmartAlbumColor int16u[2] '0 0' = n/a
[Value 0]
0 = Red
1 = Yellow
2 = Green
3 = Blue
   4 = Magenta
5 = Black
6 = White
7 = Various
0x0021 PictureWizard int16u --> Samsung PictureWizard Tags
0x0030 LocalLocationName string  
0x0031 LocationName string  
0x0035 PreviewIFD - --> Nikon PreviewIFD Tags
--> Nikon PreviewIFD Tags
0x0040 RawDataByteOrder yes 0 = Little-endian (Intel, II)
1 = Big-endian (Motorola, MM)
0x0041 WhiteBalanceSetup int32u 0 = Auto
1 = Manual
0x0043 CameraTemperature rational64s  
0x0050 RawDataCFAPattern yes 0 = Unchanged
1 = Swap
65535 = Roll
0x0100 FaceDetect int16u 0 = Off
1 = On
0x0120 FaceRecognition int32u 0 = Off
1 = On
0x0123 FaceName string  
0xa001 FirmwareName string  
0xa002 SerialNumber string  
0xa003 LensType int16u[n] [Value 0]
0 = Built-in or Manual Lens
1 = Samsung NX 30mm F2 Pancake
2 = Samsung NX 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 OIS
3 = Samsung NX 50-200mm F4-5.6 ED OIS
4 = Samsung NX 20-50mm F3.5-5.6 ED
5 = Samsung NX 20mm F2.8 Pancake
6 = Samsung NX 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 ED OIS
7 = Samsung NX 60mm F2.8 Macro ED OIS SSA
8 = Samsung NX 16mm F2.4 Pancake
9 = Samsung NX 85mm F1.4 ED SSA
10 = Samsung NX 45mm F1.8
11 = Samsung NX 45mm F1.8 2D/3D
12 = Samsung NX 12-24mm F4-5.6 ED
13 = Samsung NX 16-50mm F2-2.8 S ED OIS
14 = Samsung NX 10mm F3.5 Fisheye
15 = Samsung NX 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 Power Zoom ED OIS
20 = Samsung NX 50-150mm F2.8 S ED OIS
21 = Samsung NX 300mm F2.8 ED OIS
0xa004 LensFirmware string  
0xa005 InternalLensSerialNumber string  
0xa010 SensorAreas int32u[8] (full and valid sensor areas)
0xa011 ColorSpace int16u 0 = sRGB
1 = Adobe RGB
0xa012 SmartRange int16u 0 = Off
1 = On
0xa013 ExposureCompensation rational64s  
0xa014 ISO int32u  
0xa018 ExposureTime rational64u  
0xa019 FNumber rational64u  
0xa01a FocalLengthIn35mmFormat int32u  
0xa020 EncryptionKey int32u[11]! (key used to decrypt the tags below)
0xa021 WB_RGGBLevelsUncorrected int32u[4] (these tags not corrected for WB_RGGBLevelsBlack)
0xa022 WB_RGGBLevelsAuto int32u[4]  
0xa023 WB_RGGBLevelsIlluminator1 int32u[4]  
0xa024 WB_RGGBLevelsIlluminator2 int32u[4]  
0xa025 HighlightLinearityLimit int32u  
0xa028 WB_RGGBLevelsBlack int32s[4]  
0xa030 ColorMatrix int32s[9]  
0xa031 ColorMatrixSRGB int32s[9]  
0xa032 ColorMatrixAdobeRGB int32s[9]  
0xa033 CbCrMatrixDefault int32s[4]  
0xa034 CbCrMatrix int32s[4]  
0xa035 CbCrGainDefault int32u[2]  
0xa036 CbCrGain int32u[2]  
0xa040 ToneCurveSRGBDefault int32u[23] (first value gives the number of tone curve entries. This is followed by an array of X coordinates then an array of Y coordinates)
0xa041 ToneCurveAdobeRGBDefault int32u[23]  
0xa042 ToneCurveSRGB int32u[23]  
0xa043 ToneCurveAdobeRGB int32u[23]  
0xa048 RawData? int32s[12]  
0xa050 Distortion? int32s[8]  
0xa051 ChromaticAberration? int16u[22]  
0xa052 Vignetting? int16u[15]  
0xa053 VignettingCorrection? int16u[15]  
0xa054 VignettingSetting? int16u[15]  

Samsung OrientationInfo Tags

Camera orientation information written by the Gear 360 (SM-C200).

Index8Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
0 YawAngle? rational64s (always zero)
1 PitchAngle rational64s (upward tilt of rear camera in degrees)
2 RollAngle rational64s (clockwise rotation of rear camera in degrees)

Samsung PictureWizard Tags

Index2Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
0 PictureWizardMode int16u
0 = Standard
1 = Vivid
2 = Portrait
3 = Landscape
4 = Forest
   5 = Retro
6 = Cool
7 = Calm
8 = Classic
9 = Custom1
   10 = Custom2
11 = Custom3
255 = n/a
1 PictureWizardColor int16u  
2 PictureWizardSaturation int16u  
3 PictureWizardSharpness int16u  
4 PictureWizardContrast int16u  

Samsung APP5 Tags

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'ssuniqueid' UniqueID no  

Samsung Trailer Tags

Tags extracted from the trailer of JPEG images written when using certain features (such as "Sound & Shot" or "Shot & More") from Samsung models such as the Galaxy S4 and Tab S, and from the 'sefd' atom in HEIC images from the Samsung S10+.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
DepthMapName no  
DualCameraImage no  
DualCameraImageName no  
DualShotExtra - --> Samsung DualShotExtra Tags
EmbeddedAudioFile no  
EmbeddedAudioFileName no  
EmbeddedImageName no  
EmbeddedVideoFile no  
EmbeddedVideoType no  
MCCData no  
SingleShotDepthMap no  
SingleShotMeta - --> Samsung SingleShotMeta Tags
SurroundShotVideo no  
SurroundShotVideoName no  
TimeStamp no  

Samsung DualShotExtra Tags

Index4Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
16 DepthMapWidth no (index varies depending on model)
17 DepthMapHeight no (index varies depending on model)

Samsung SingleShotMeta Tags

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'beautyColorLevel' BeautyColorLevel no  
'beautyRetouchLevel' BeautyRetouchLevel no  
'blurStrength' BlurStrength no  
'bokehShape' BokehShape no  
'colorpopStrength' ColorpopStrength no  
'depthHWHeight' DepthHWHeight no  
'depthHWWidth' DepthHWWidth no  
'depthSWHeight' DepthSWHeight no  
'depthSWWidth' DepthSWWidth no  
'deviceOrientation' DeviceOrientation no  
'effectStrength' EffectStrength no  
'effectType' EffectType no  
'flipStatus' FlipStatus no  
'inputHeight' InputHeight no  
'inputWidth' InputWidth no  
'isArtBokeh' IsArtBokeh no  
'lensFacing' LensFacing no  
'monoStrength' MonoStrength no  
'objectOrientation' ObjectOrientation no  
'outputHeight' OutputHeight no  
'outputWidth' OutputWidth no  
'perfMode' PerfMode no  
'segHeight' SegHeight no  
'segWidth' SegWidth no  
'sidelightStrength' SidelightStrength no  
'spinStrength' SpinStrength no  
'vintageStrength' VintageStrength no  
'zoomStrength' ZoomStrength no  

Samsung sec Tags

This information is found in the @sec atom of Samsung MP4 videos from models such as the WB30F.

Index1Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
0 Make no  
32 Model no  
512 ThumbnailWidth no  
516 ThumbnailHeight no  
520 ThumbnailLength no  
524 ThumbnailImage no (the THM image, embedded metadata is extracted as the first sub-document)

Samsung INFO Tags

This information is found in MP4 videos from Samsung models such as the SMX-C20N.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'EFCT' Effect no  
'QLTY' Quality no  

Samsung MP4 Tags

This information is found in Samsung MP4 videos from models such as the WP10.

Index1Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
0 Make no  
24 Model no  
46 ExposureTime no  
50 FNumber no  
58 ExposureCompensation no  
106 ISO no  
125 Software no  
244 Thumbnail - --> Samsung Thumbnail Tags

Samsung Thumbnail Tags

Index4Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
1 ThumbnailWidth no  
2 ThumbnailHeight no  
3 ThumbnailLength no  
4 ThumbnailOffset no  

Samsung smta Tags

This information is found in the smta atom of Samsung MP4 videos from models such as the Galaxy S4.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'svss' SamsungSvss - --> Samsung svss Tags

Samsung svss Tags

This information is found in the svss atom of Samsung MP4 videos from models such as the Galaxy S4.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
[no tags known]

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