SigmaRaw Tags

These tags are used in Sigma and Foveon RAW (.X3F) images. Metadata is also extracted from the JpgFromRaw image if it exists (all models but the SD9 and SD10). Currently, metadata may only be written to the embedded JpgFromRaw.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'Header' Header - --> SigmaRaw Header Tags
'Header4' Header4 - --> SigmaRaw Header4 Tags
'HeaderExt' HeaderExt - --> SigmaRaw HeaderExt Tags
'IMA2' PreviewImage
'IMAG' PreviewImage no  
'PROP' Properties - --> SigmaRaw Properties Tags

SigmaRaw Header Tags

Information extracted from the header of an X3F file.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0x0001 FileVersion no  
0x0002 ImageUniqueID no  
0x0006 MarkBits no  
0x0007 ImageWidth no  
0x0008 ImageHeight no  
0x0009 Rotation no  
0x000a WhiteBalance no  
0x0012 SceneCaptureType no  

SigmaRaw Header4 Tags

Header information for version 4.0 or greater X3F.

Index4Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
1 FileVersion no  
10 ImageWidth no  
11 ImageHeight no  
12 Rotation no  

SigmaRaw HeaderExt Tags

Extended header data found in version 2.1 and 2.2 files

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0x0000 Unused no  
0x0001 ExposureAdjust no  
0x0002 Contrast no  
0x0003 Shadow no  
0x0004 Highlight no  
0x0005 Saturation no  
0x0006 Sharpness no  
0x0007 RedAdjust no  
0x0008 GreenAdjust no  
0x0009 BlueAdjust no  
0x000a X3FillLight no  

SigmaRaw Properties Tags

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'AEMODE' MeteringMode no 8 = 8-segment
'A' = Average
'C' = Center-weighted average
'AFAREA' AFArea no  
'AFINFOCUS' AFInFocus no  
'AFMODE' FocusMode no  
'APERTURE' FNumber no  
'AP_DESC' ApertureDisplayed no  
'BRACKET' BracketShot no  
'BURST' BurstShot no  
'CAMMANUF' Make no  
'CAMMODEL' Model no  
'CAMNAME' CameraName no  
'CAMSERIAL' SerialNumber no  
'CM_DESC' SceneCaptureType no  
'COLORSPACE' ColorSpace no  
'DRIVE' DriveMode no
'10S' = 10 s Timer
'2S' = 2 s Timer
'AB' = Auto Bracket
'MULTI' = Multi Shot
   'OFF' = Off
'SINGLE' = Single Shot
'UP' = Mirror Up
'EVAL_STATE' EvalState no  
'EXPCOMP' ExposureCompensation no  
'EXPNET' NetExposureCompensation no  
'EXPTIME' IntegrationTime no  
'FIRMVERS' FirmwareVersion no  
'FLASH' FlashMode no  
'FLASHEXPCOMP' FlashExpComp no  
'FLASHPOWER' FlashPower no  
'FLASHTYPE' FlashType no  
'FLENGTH' FocalLength no  
'FLEQ35MM' FocalLengthIn35mmFormat no  
'FOCUS' Focus no 'AF' = Auto-focus Locked
'M' = Manual
'NO LOCK' = Auto-focus Didn't Lock
'IMAGEBOARDID' ImageBoardID no  
'IMAGERBOARDID' ImagerBoardID no  
'IMAGERTEMP' SensorTemperature no  
'ISO' ISO no  
'LENSARANGE' LensApertureRange no  
'LENSFRANGE' LensFocalRange no  
'LENSMODEL' LensType no --> Sigma LensType Values
'PMODE' ExposureProgram no 'A' = Aperture Priority
'M' = Manual
'P' = Program
'S' = Shutter Priority
'RESOLUTION' Quality no 'HI' = High
'LOW' = Low
'MED' = Medium
'SENSORID' SensorID no  
'SHUTTER' ExposureTime no  
'SH_DESC' ShutterSpeedDisplayed no  
'TIME' DateTimeOriginal no  
'VERSION_BF' VersionBF no  
'WB_DESC' WhiteBalance no  

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