Tags extracted from Mac OS resource files, DFONT files and "._" sidecar files. These tags may also be extracted from the resource fork of any file in OS X, either by adding "/..namedfork/rsrc" to the filename to process the resource fork alone, or by using the ExtractEmbedded (-ee) option to process the resource fork as a sub-document of the main file. When writing, ExifTool preserves the Mac OS resource fork by default, but it may deleted with -rsrc:all= on the command line.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'8BIM' PhotoshopInfo - --> Photoshop Tags
'POST_0x01f5' PostscriptFont - --> PostScript Tags
'STR _0xbff3' ApplicationMissingMsg no  
'STR _0xbff4' CreatorApplication no  
'STR#_0x0080' Keywords no  
'TEXT_0x0080' Description no  
'sfnt' Font - --> Font Name Tags
'usro_0x0000' OpenWithApplication no  
'vers_0x0001' ApplicationVersion no  

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Last revised Oct 15, 2020

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